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Location of Istanbul
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Continent: Europe
Zone: Eastern Europe
Country:  Türkiye
Latitude: 41°01' N
Longitude: 28°58' E
Number of teams: 2365
Time zone: +1


İstanbul is perhaps the most famous city of Turkey, is the most crowded province of Turkey with a population of nearly 15 millions. İstanbul is the heart of Turkish economy, for most of the companies and factories are located at this region. İstanbul is also the largest port of Turkey. İstanbul is both historically and strategically important city, and despite the fact that city is in desperate situation because of overpopulation and migration, yet it is one of the most beautiful cities of the world.

In Hattrick, İstanbul is the largest region with 4398 teams. However, there are only two teams from İstanbul present at Süper Lig: KARAKARTAL and FenerbahceSK. KARAKARTAL is a legendary team at Türkiye that won the title Eight times (with an amazing seven consecutive wins)and had seven consecutive Cup victories.

Memorial Moments

Best Teams of İstanbul

Regional federations

There is only one federation of İstanbul that has only 5 users.

  • İstanbul Futbol Federasyonu (I.F.F.) (Alliance ID:20831)