1. FC Stroh

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The 1. FC Stroh was founded on 16 December 2005.

1. FC Stroh (520579)
Logo 1. FC Stroh.gif
managed by Strohhut
Full Name 1. FC Stroh
Nickname Stroh
Founded 16-12-2005
Location Bayern, Germany
Arena Mur de Huy
Coach Hinz Rödel
League VII.871
updated on: 21-05-2007


The club was founded in Germany on 16 December 2005, and started off to a great start in XI.538, promoting straight on to VII.871. There it plays in it's 3 third season and is one of the best teams in that league. The club is training defenders in the fifth season, no ending is predicted.


  • Champion of division XI.538 in season 28
  • Champion of division VIII.1219 in season 29

Hall of Fame

  • Rijk Schulz.

Standard formation

  • 1 Goalkeeper: Koenmar Commissaris (NED)
  • 5 Defenders: Malik Aziz (ISR), Josemar Menks (BRA), Marius Hauger (NOR), Nicolas Barbier (SWI), Mische Menzer (SWI)
  • 3 Inners + 1 Wing: Hector Jones (WAL), Bohumil Mittweida (GER), Süle Stecher (SWI), Sidney Kruijs (NED)
  • 1 Forward: Diego Aroca (ESP)