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The 1. FC Stroh was founded on 16 December 2005.

1. FC Stroh (520579)
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managed by Strohhut
Full Name 1. FC Stroh
Nickname Stroh
Founded 16-12-2005
Location Bayern, Germany
Arena Mur de Huy
Coach Hinz Rödel
League VII.871
updated on: 21-05-2007

== History ==ed for 4 seasons, before promoting to VI.1023. After 6 seasons in that league, they had to leave the league, and went down to VII.264. There they only stayed for one season, they made 40 points and won the championship trophy. The club is training defenders in it's 12th season, where no ending is predicted.


  • Champion of division XI.538 in season 28
  • Champion of division VIII.1219 in season 29
  • Champion of division VII.264 in season 39

Hall of Fame

Former coaches of the team:

  • Rijk Schulz
  • Hinz Rödel
  • Jorma Arstila

Player legends:

  • Süle Stecher: played 63 games for the team
  • Thomas-Werner Schimpfermann: He absolved 43 friendly games for the squad, where he always looked for an enemy to injure.

Standard formation

  • 1 Goalkeeper
  • 4 Defenders
  • 3 Inners + 1 Wing
  • 2 Forwards