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Owner Viju Radhakrishnan
Alias alex_in_disguise
Nickname(s) 2cool
Supporters 2408
Founded 03.03.2007
Location Delhi,  India
League III.16
Arena Theatre Of Dreams (cap. 50000)
Manager Finland Mies Lehtinen
Prize Shelf Division III.PNGDivision IV.PNGDivision V.PNG

2cool2loose2u is a Hattrick club from India.

The club was founded on 03-03-2007 at 13:14.They play their matches at The Theatre Of Dreams. The team has won 3 league titles and have reached round 4 of the Indan Cup. It is one the most respected club in India. It has a much talked about history. Their current coach is Antti Peltokangas and Chiruthdhondan Kumar is the captain.


Season League Indian cup Trophies
19 6th in IV.13 Not qualified none
20 2nd in IV.13 Round 1 none
21 2nd in IV.13 Round 3 none
22 2nd in IV.13 Round 2 none
23 1st in IV.13 Round 2 Division IV.PNG
24 1st in III.16 Round 3 Division III.PNG
29 1st in V.14 Not qualified Division V.PNG
30 1st in IV.63 3 Division IV.PNG

Season 19

The team played just one match against the Cruisers which they won 3-1. They finished 6th.

Season 20

This season would be remembered for their fight for the top spot. In their first season itself 2cool were looking ready to gain the top spot. The only team that looked to defy them was SC Uni Bochum. Having taken a 3pts lead against their rival, 2cool maintained their top spot for the majority of the season. It all went down to their match against Sc Uni Bochum ((119573142)). Having already beaten 2cool in their first clash; Bochum dominated the midfield and won the match 4-0. The league was decided on the goal difference and the title eventually went to Bochum who had a better goal difference. Bochum then went on to be promoted to III.12

Season 21

Bochum's promotion meant the entry of Sevilla Club into the league with 2cool chasing them to the title. It would be a thorough domination of Sevilla throughout the season. 2cool meantime saw some hiccups in their way, loosing to Sevilla on the first league match of the new season and then drawing their match against India Shinning. The only bright spot was their draw against Sevilla which was the only time Sevilla did not take all 3pts from their match in the season .Sevilla would get auto-promoted the next division with 2cool looking to finally clinch the title.

Season 22

This season saw the beginning of a new rivalry with India Shinning. 2cool had won their 1st tie against the Shinning and were cruisisng to their maiden title but thier draw agains Footie FC and their eventual defeat at the hands of Shinning saw them loosing the title yet again hurting the sponsors, the club and fans the most. There were clashes between the rival fans and the sales of merchandises went to a low.

Season 23

2cool would finally clinched the title in this season. Losing to Marlyn f.c in the second week made it look like it would be the repeat of the previous season. Marlyn f.c continued to maintain their position throughout the season. But in the penultimate clash between the two ((165872285)) it was 2cool who emerged victorious. The league was decided with goal difference again after a gap of 2 season and it was 2cool who had a superior goal difference.They would later be auto-promoted to III.16 and the sales of merchandise and supporters increased.
They finally bid goodbye to IV.13 after 4 seasons of struggle, going through the highs and lows of their game and finally marching on the path forward...

Season 24

They made an impact in their inaugural season in Div III.16 by not only winning the league but they also got auto promoted. They stayed top for most of the season loosing just once to Trigger and drawing a controversial match((181646381)) against Raging souls. Though Trigger were the favorites to win the league, they were short by 2 points. This was pretty unbelievable for the supporters keeping in mind that 2cool had just entered the IIIrd division...

The War

The Last Line-up

Tragedy struck the following season which would leave a tearful mark in the clubs history. With just 2 minutes left for their second match of the season against a formidable Bunte Kori side, 22 terrorist stormed into the Theatre Of Dreams and opened fire for 22 minutes.The attack claimed the lives of 7 players and 2222 suporters who came for the match.The eastern and souther stands of the stadium was completely damaged. The owner, Viju Radhakrishnan was hit by a bullet and remained in coma. The coach Mies Lehtinen was left blind. He eventually died 2 months later. The attack claimed the lives of Arnoldo Alzerreca, Javier León, Jarno Jaakonsaari, Balwant Subramanyam, Ajanta Gupta, Puhi Cross, Elisha Hochfeld & Kiril Gergov. The bodies of Malik N'Diade and the then captain Chatta Thomas were not even recovered. It is rumored that their spirits are still present somewhere in the stadium and that they are always looking over the club. The club sufferred huge unbearable financial losses which led to their hiatus.

Season 29

Viju Radhakrishnan finally opened his eyes 2 years later and started his mission to re-establish the team. The team with a completely new squad and not much financial support would win Div.V and get autopromted to Div.IV where the story began...again..


First-team squad

(As of till the end of Season 23)

No. Position Player
1 GK India Disacaksus Khare
2 DF Germany Knudt Riechers
3 FW Chile Arnoldo Alzerreca
4 MF Oceania Puhi Cross
5 MF Spain Javier León
6 DF Israel Elisha Hochfeld
7 MF Finland Jarno Jaakonsaari
8 MF India Vetri-Velmurugan Tripathi
9 MF India Sivasekar Yadav
No. Position Player
10 DF India David Noad
11 MF India Chatta Thomas
12 WB India Dhurjati Ramachandran
13 CD India Balwant Subramanyam
14 WB India Ishika Ramakrishnan
15 FW India Ajanta Gupta
16 MF Belgium Malik N'Diade
17 MF Bulgaria Kiril Gergov
18 MF India Ajaat Santra