5th Slot Fed

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5th Slot Fed

This is a federation within the community of Hattrick. Which it is hopefully allowed to write about.

A place where everybody lives happily ever after.

The 5th Slot Fed is home to such luminaries as Leonaridus da kit designer, the ex-West German Chancellor known as Purple Helmet, The Croatian One, The King of Sand Dunes, a man with no legs, a Librarian, a rich Pure-Bred Indian, a very bad man called Bobby, and many people who like warm, cozy wool.

It should be noted that contrary to the popular myth, the 5th Slot Fed will not hunt down and pinch anyone. Anyone!


1 (7%) Nah, Toby still molests his sheep

5 (38%) Nah, Gaby does her best friend's boyfriend

2 (15%) Yes

2 (15%) No

1 (7%) Oxidus is old, ugly, and has no hair