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AC Poudre Rafters (8525)
Series: V.140
Country: United States
Region: Colorado
Arena: Whitewater (61,000 seats)
Fan club: River Runners

AC Poudre Rafters is an American team playing in V.140. It is one of the older teams in the country, but has not enjoyed the success as many of its contemporaries.


This club first came into existence on September 23, 2000. It was when the Hattrick world decided to expand into the United States at the start of the eleventh season. It was founded and placed in division IV.37 and initially controlled by a computer. The club took the name of Missouri to show the region it represented at the time. In June of 2001 a human owner was granted license for the club and changed their name to legend. This owner quickly lost interest and the club was again made available for an active user. On July 21, 2001 the user lostorf put a bid in for the club. He was granted ownership on July 24, 2001 and promptly moved them to his hometown of Fort Collins, Colorado. The club took the name of the local river and became the Cache la Poudre Raters. The owner initially intended for the club to be known as the Rafters, but a mistake at the printing offices and probably poor penmanship the team was tagged as Raters. This name didn't generate a strong identity for the local fans so the name was changed in September of 2001. So there would be no confusion, the name was mostly changed and became AC Poudre Rafters. It is the name the team still retains.

Awards & Medals

  • Division IV.PNG Division IV.22 Champions Season 15
  • Division V.PNG Division V.251 Champions Season 28
  • Division V.PNG Division V.104 Champions Season 31
  • Division V.PNG Division V.104 Champions Season 32
  • Division V.PNG Division V.158 Champions Season 35
  • Division V.PNG Division V.158 Champions Season 40
  • Division VI.PNG Division VI.592 Champions Season 51

Golden Boot

  • Goldenboot IV.gif Stanley Ferrrara top scorer of Division IV.22 in season 15 (a youth pull)
  • Goldenboot V.gif Clayton Fields top scorer of Division V.251 in season 25 (a youth pull)
  • Goldenboot V.gif Clayton Fields top scorer of Division V.104 in season 32 (a youth pull)
  • Goldenboot V.gif Calvin Rivers top scorer of Division V.158 in season 39
  • Goldenboot V.gif Calvin Rivers top scorer of Division V.158 in season 40
  • Goldenboot V.gif Jeffrey Green top scorer of Division V.140 in season 43
  • Goldenboot VI.gif Barry Rogers top scorer of Division VI.592 in season 51 (a youth pull)
  • Goldenboot V.gif Jason Dolan top scorer of Division V.165 in season 54 (a youth pull)

Foreign Friendlies

The first international friendly played by the club was a home match on January 30, 2002. It was against the Scottish team of Cermonicule and it ended in a 0-0 tie. Since then the club has played many international friendlies at home and away.


Below are a few of the flags collected on our travels, as of November 1st, 2011.

ArgentinaAustriaBelgiumBoliviaBosnia & HerzegovinaBrazilBulgariaCanadaCzech RepublicChile
ChinaColombiaCroatiaDenmarkEcuadorEnglandEstoniaFaroe IslandsFinlandFrance
GermanyGuatemalaHungaryIcelandIndiaIranRepublic of IrelandIsraelItalyLithuania

Club Records

  • largest Cup victory 11-0 against DoomShankle
  • largest League victory 10-0 against Manifesto Koreano
  • largest friendly victory 12-0 against the German club kaja1982

  • the largest crowd 76,010; an away league match played against L_Redskins at L_Redskins Arena (IV.24)