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Last update of this page was made 21.07.2011
Atleticmicatanto logo.jpg
Official logo for ATLETIC MICA TANTO
Region Lazio
Country  Italia
Geografic area Latin Europe
Continent Europe
Foundation 02.07.2005
Stadium ATLETIC MICA TANTO Arena (55 000 seats)
Fan club I Mica Tanto Atletici (2941 members)
League III.16
President Italy MIRKOS


Coach Portugal Gonçalo Enes


Prize shelf
Series Champions IV.21 (Italy) Season 42Series Champions V.252(Italy) Season 39Series Champions VI.301(Italy) Season 38Series Champions VIII.400(Italy) Season 29Series Champions VIII.442(Italy) Season 32

Top Scorer IV.21 (Italy) Season 42Top Scorer V.252 (Italy) Season 39Top Scorer VIII.442 (Italy) Season 32

Team colours
Atleticmicatanto home.pngAtleticmicatanto away.png

ATLETIC MICA TANTO is an Italian football club from Lazio region.

The Team

Foundation History

ATLETIC MICA TANTO was founded on July 2nd, 2005.



ATLETIC MICA TANTO Arena is the arena of ATLETIC MICA TANTO. It has a total capacity of 55 000.

  • Total capacity: 55 000
  • Terraces: 32 725
  • Basic seating: 13 475
  • Seats under roof: 7 425
  • Seats in VIP boxes: 1 375

Club History

Season League Coppa Italia Trophies Top goalscorer Goals
26 2nd in IX.508 none none Valerio Pignataro 8
27 7th in VIII.358 1st round none unknown -
28 2nd in IX.321 1st round none Bogusław Brzeczkowski 13
29 1st in VIII.400 none Division VIII.PNG Bogusław Brzeczkowski 11
30 4th in VII.637 2nd round none unknown -
31 7th in VII.637 2nd round none unknown -
32 1st in VIII.442 2nd round Division VIII.PNGGoldenboot VIII.gif Volker Fürstenhof 17
33 2nd in VII.222 2nd round none Cãlin Jurcã 10
34 5th in VI.301 2nd round none Gianfranco Aroldi 5
35 2nd in VI.301 2nd round none Leopoldo Velazco 9
36 2nd in VI.301 3rd round none Jeen Idzenga 12
37 2nd in VI.301 1st round none Gianfranco Aroldi 10
38 1st in VI.301 2nd round Division VI.PNG Angel Filomeno 10
39 1st in V.252 5th round Division V.PNGGoldenboot V.gif Gianfranco Aroldi 13
40 4th in IV.21 6th round none unknown -
41 3rd in IV.21 4th round none Karsten Steines 8
42 1st in IV.21 10th round Division IV.PNGGoldenboot IV.gif Amilcare Bassi 14
43 4th in III.16 6th round none unknown -
44 3rd in III.16 7th round none Richi Guazola 8
45 6th in III.16 6th round none unknown -

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