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A number of abbreviations are used in the Hattrick [[conference|conferences]].  Here are some of the most common.
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*AIM - [[AIM|Attack in the Middle]]
*AOW - [[AOW|Attack on Wings]]
*BDF - [[Bottom Division Federation]]
*BTL - [[Between the Lines]]
*CA -  [[Counter Attack]]
*CD - [[Central Defender]]
*CHPP - [[CHPP|Certified Hattrick Product Provider]]
*DotS - [[Skills#Sponsors_.26_supporters|Dancing On The Streets]]
*ECD - [[Extra]] [[Central Defender]]
*EFW - [[Extra]] [[Forward]]
*EIM - [[Extra]] [[Inner Midfielder]] (also: XIM)
*FED - [[Federation]]
*FTW - [[Forward]] [[Toward Wing]]
*GK - [[Goalkeeper]]
*GM - [[Game Master]]
*HAM - [[Hattrick Assistant Manager]]
*HB - [[Hattrick Buddy]]
*HO - [[Hattrick Organizer]]
*HOL - [[Skills#Sponsors_.26_supporters|High On Life]]
*HT - [[Hattrick]], also [[Hattrick Team]]
*HT-ML - [[Hattrick Markup Language]]
*HTR - [[Hattrick Ratings Calculator]]
*IM - [[Inner Midfielder]]
*LA - [[Language Administrator]]
*LS - [[Leadership]]
*MLC - [[Manager License Challenge]]
*MOD - [[Moderator]], also: Mod
*MOTS - [[Match of the Season]]
*NT - [[National Teams|National Team]]
*OCD - [[Offensive]] [[Central Defender]]
*OWB - [[Offensive]] [[Wing Back]]
*PC - [[Tactics#Play Creatively | Play Creatively]]
*PIC - [[Play it Cool]]
*PIN - [[Play it Normal]]
*PM - [[Players#Playmaking | Playmaking]]
*POE - [[Skills#Team_spirit|Paradise on Earth]]
*PPP - [[Tactics#Pressing|Press]], [[Play it Cool|PIC]] and Pray
*SE - [[Special Event]]
*SP - [[Players#Set Pieces|Set Pieces]]
*TC - [[Transfer Compare]]
*TS - [[Skills#Team_spirit|Team Spirit]]
*TSI - [[Total Skill Index]]
*TL - [[Transfer List]]
*TPE - [[Transfer Price Evaluation]], some [[Helper Applications]] offer this functionality
*U20 - [[U-20]] Team
*WB - [[Wingback]]
*WC - [[World Cup]]
*WO - [[Walk Over]]
*WOC - [[Skills#Team_spirit|Walking On Clouds]]
*WTM - [[Winger Toward Middle]]
*XP - [[Experience]]
*YP - [[Youth]] Pull
*YS - [[Youth]] Squad

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gary campell ya fuckin bamzz