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Economists are responsible for your bank account and can get you profits from assets and debts. The result of their work shows with the financial update in your country. You have to calculate the interest with two different formulas, depending on whether you have a negative or positive balance.

Credit Interest (positive balance)

For a positive balance, the interest rate is calculated like this (as of 22/07/2007):

interest rate = 0.0375% * SQRT([amount of economists])


interest = 100 * FLOOR(0.000375 * SQRT([amount of economists]) * [money on account] / 100)

That gives the following interest rates for numbers of economists:

economists interest rate in percent
0 0
1 0.0375
2 0.0525
3 0.065
4 0.075
5 0.08375
6 0.09125
7 0.09875
8 0.10625
9 0.1125
10 0.11875

It is important to note that interest is always rounded (down) to the next full 100 value, hence the floor function and division and multiplication by 100 in the formula.

The maximum interest is 25,000 €

Debit Interest (negative balance)

THIS CHANGED TOO? The interest profit for a negative balance is 20% of the interest paid the week before. If you had -150.000 on your bank account the week before, you paid 5% = 7500 € interest and the economist can generate 1500 € profit from this:

interest = [money on account in previous week] * 0,05 * 0,2


interest = [money on account in previous week] * 0,01

2 economists can save 30% of the paid interest in the previous week:

interest = [money on account in previous week] * 0,05 * 0,3


interest = [money on account in previous week] * 0,015

So remember to fire the economist/s after the next update, as they will get you a profit, even if you made it out of the negative balance with this next update.

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Hence, you make 100 € profit each week after costs for the economist, so in 15 weeks you have earned the compensation, in 16 weeks you make the first profit. In other words, economists are good if you save money longer term. Economists can be a waste of money if you maintain your balance only for a short time.

economists needed Minimum balance Maximum balance Note
1 4 M€ 10 M€
2 10 M€ 13 M€
3 13 M€ 15 M€
4 15 M€ 17 M€
5 17 M€ 19 M€
6 19 M€ 21 M€
7 21 M€ 22 M€
8 22 M€ 24 M€
7 24 M€ 26 M€ at this point, you'll need fewer economists
6 26 M€ 29 M€
5 29 M€ 32 M€
4 32 M€ 37 M€
3 37 M€ 45 M€
2 45 M€ 63 M€
1 63 M€ - maximum interest reached at 67 M€ (23500 € per week so 25000 - 1500 (salary))