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Achievements is a feature introduced on 27/11/2006. They were announced in this editorial by the following announcement:

Next season will also see the start of a totally new alternative career feature: Achievements.

Unfortunately, the bitter truth is that not everyone can win the cup or the top league in Hattrick, so we think it’s important that there is a possibility to focus on an alternative career. Alternative careers (the more, the merrier!) give the game depth and give everyone a better gaming experience. Some people focus on being the best forward trainer, some focus on collecting flags and other focus on being an active member of the community for example. Now we add yet another career possibility: achievements.

Shortly put, this feature means you’ll get points for different things you’ve achieved in the game. Winning your league or advancing some rounds in the cup, for example, will give you some points, as will receiving a certain amount of stars in a match. Moreover you will also receive points for other things in the game like founding a federation, buying/selling a player, writing a conference post, climbing up the rankings and becoming a National coach. Most achievements will be known, but there will also be some hidden achievements to seek for.

Your achievements will be visible from your menu and your user page. Both the points you’ve achieved and the maximum points you can achieve will be shown.

Achievement Myth

It is rumored that some of the achievements are bugged, eg. will never be awarded because of errors in the code behind the site. There are two main reasons for this myth:

  • The fact that the initial editorial about achievements pointed to an achievement (winning your league) which no one has gotten.
  • The fact that close to 1/3 of all points has not been discovered 17 months after the introduction of this feature.

Achievement Bugs

  • On the 16th of January 2008 Hattrick announces in a MyHT message that a long suspected bug which was probably introduced during the upgrade of several parts of the site on the 5th of November 2007 was now fixed.
We have at last found the nasty bug which has stopped the achievement updates from working properly. In matches played after 2008-01-15 10.00 the achievements update should work as usual again. Unfortunately we can not do any retroactive update of older achievements (made while the updates were malfunctioning). Sadly enough, this means any achievement taken during this period will be forever lost.
Achievements affected by this bug where the Home-grown lineup and Academy lineup. Also the Team reached X stars in a match achievement did not function properly in this period.
  • When the Achievement bug fix was announced a new bug was introduced meaning that you would get star achievements not only if the stars of the 11 players (or less) who finish you game in total yields enough stars totally to reach the next level (see below for levels), now the stars of injured players were also included in this calculation making it easier to get star achievements if one or more players were injured in a game. This bug was fixed on the 1st of February 2008.
  • Around the 19th of April 2008 part of the site was upgraded to .Net and the calculation of how common achievements are was altered but the calculation of the number of U20 and NT coaches was about 3/4 of a million too high. The numbers for how many was elected U20 and NT coach was altered a few days later after a bug report was made. GM-marnow gave this explanation for the change made on the achievement page of each club team on the 19th of April 2008:
Previously the achievements counters were just increased when someone got the achievement. Currently they should reflect only statistics for currently active users. You may now see changes every week (numbers can both go up & down, previously they would only go up).
  • The achievements Squad total TSI reached 80.000+ and Squad total TSI reached 160.000+ gives the same amount of achievement points, although the achivement is obviously updated.

Achievement Classifications (848/1275)

Team Achievements (355 pts)

  1. Promoted player to Hall of Fame (15 pts)
  2. Pulled a youth player (10 pts)
  3. Sold player (10 pts)
  4. Bought player (10 pts)
  5. Sold a rebought youth player (10 pts)
  6. Rebought a youth player (10 pts)
  7. Player's skill increased (Stamina, form and experience are not included) (10 pts)
  8. Squad total TSI reached [TSI] (5-50 pts)
    • 1.200.000+ = 50 pts
    • 600.000+ = 30 pts
    • 300.000+ = 20 pts
    • 160.000+ = 15 pts (the achievement point count remain the same, but the achievement is updated)
    • 80.000+ = 15 pts
    • 30.000+ = 5 pts
  9. Cash is king (5-35pts)
    • 10.000.000+ € = 35 pts
    • 5.000.000+ € = 25 pts
    • 2.000.000+ € = 15 pts
    • 500.000+ € = 5 pts
  10. Fan club size reached X (5-30 pts)
    • 3000+ = 30 pts
    • 2000+ = 15 pts
    • 1000+ = 5 pts
  11. Team was ranked X (5-100 pts)
    • 1 = 100 pts
    • 2-50 = 50 pts
    • 51-100 = 45 pts
    • 101-500 = 40 pts
    • 501-1000 = 35 pts
    • 1001-2000 = 30 pts
    • 2001-3000 = 25 pts
    • 3001-5000 = 20 pts
    • 5001-10000 = 15 pts
    • 10001-15000 = 10 pts
    • 15001-25000 = 5 pts
  12. Advanced from round X in the Cup (10-65 pts)
    • 14 = 65 pts
    • 13 = 45 pts
    • 10 = 35 pts
    • 7 = 20 pts
    • 3 = 10 pts

Match Achievements (273 pts)

(Recalculated once a week, Tuesdays around 7:00 am HT time.)

  1. Youthful lineup (35 pts)
  2. Home-grown lineup (25 pts)
  3. Academy lineup (35 pts)
  4. Veteran lineup (35 pts)
  5. Played first international friendly match (10 pts)
  6. Team reached X stars in a match (5-70 pts)
    • 120+ = 70pts
    • 100+ = 60pts
    • 90+ = 50pts
    • 80+ = 35pts
    • 70+ = 30pts
    • 60+ = 25pts
    • 50+ = 20pts
    • 40+ = 15pts
    • 30+ = 10pts
    • 20+ = 5pts
  7. Team reached an average match rating of X (4-63+ pts)
    • 18 = 63pts
    • 17 = 56pts
    • 16 = 50pts
    • 15 = 44pts
    • 14 = 39pts
    • 13 = 34pts
    • 12 = 29pts
    • 11 = 25pts
    • 10 = 21pts
    • 9 = 17pts
    • 8 = 14pts
    • 7 = 11pts
    • 6 = 8pts
    • 5 = 6pts
    • 4 = 4pts

Manager Achievements (145 pts)

  1. Elected coach of national team (50pts)
  2. Elected coach of U-20 team (35pts)
  3. Wrote a conference post (10 pts)
  4. Wrote a press announcement (10 pts)
  5. Founded federation, received X members
    • 1000+ = 40pts
    • 500+ = 30pts
    • 100+ = 20pts
    • 50+ = 15pts
    • 10+ = 10pts
    • 5+ = 5pts

Special Awards (75 pts)

  1. Nice squad (All players average close to popular) (15 pts)
  2. Dishonest Squad (All players average close to infamous) (15 pts)
  3. Nasty squad (All players average close to nasty) (15 pts)
  4. Honest Squad (All players average close to righteous ) (15 pts)
  5. Team has 0 expenses (15 pts)

Samples of hard to get achievements

  1. Founded federation, received 1000+ members - Team Id: 32183, 507289 (2 teams)
  2. Team reached 100+ stars in a match - Team Id: 7444, 41352 (36 teams)
  3. Dishonest Squad - Team Id: 281433 (88 teams)
  4. Honest Squad - Team Id: 281433 (96 teams)
  5. Nasty Squad - Team Id: 281433,570903 (96 teams)
  6. Nice squad - Team Id: 195034, 281433, 570903 (118 teams)
  7. Advanced from round 14 in the Cup - Team Id: 7444, 41352 (199 teams)
  8. Elected coach of national team - Team Id: 32183, 241080 (275 teams)
  9. Elected coach of national U20 team - Team Id: 123314 (332 teams)
  10. Team was ranked 1 - Team Id: 29279, 32183 (942 teams)
  11. Academy lineup - Team Id: 156562,32183, 281433, 407011 (1242 teams)

Known non-achievements

  1. Writing a guestbook comment
  2. Starting to support a team
  3. Sending a PM
  4. Starting a federation(you need to get at least 5 member within a week to get this)
  5. Joining a federation
  6. Hiring/Firing specialists
  7. Changing training
  8. Changing training intensity
  9. Changing coach
  10. Expanding Stadium
  11. Firing a player
  12. Getting support from another player
  13. Getting Mother Club money
  14. Buying another teams youth pull (i.e. no "bought youth player")
  15. Getting a new flag. (though international friendlies give points)
  16. Recruiting a coach
  17. Having a player pop in stamina skill.
  18. Having a player pop in experience skill.
  19. Changing your team kit.
  20. Increasing investment in your youth squad.
  21. Registering your mobile.
  22. Buying credits
  23. Posting an ad.
  24. Renew Supportership
  25. Edit press announcement
  26. Fiery line-up(matchid:110779712 (both teams))
  27. Buying your own youth player from yourself on the transfer market
  28. Becoming a GM or LA or Mod
  29. Playing matches, where all the players on the ground have the same nationality
  30. Having a top scorer in your team.
  31. Making a homepage for your team
  32. Hosting a National Team or U-20 match.
  33. Playing Hattrick for x years.
  34. Founding youth team
  35. Becoming champions in your league
  36. Winning the National Cup
  37. Winning Hattrick Masters
  38. Write a notice for the youth team
  39. Going a season unbeaten in your league
  40. Winning all league games in a season
  41. Getting a full flag collection
  42. Playing matches, where all the players on the ground have a speciality
  43. Promoting players from youth academy
  44. Getting a NT player or a U20 player in the team squad
  45. Reaching divine skill in counter attacking
  46. Tranquil Team
  47. Fiery Team
  48. Player scores a hattrick
  49. Training a player with your name to Divine (PlayerID's: 41919319, 114770398)
  50. Fielding a lineup of homegrown veteran (age 35+ in average) players (matchID: 158099878)
  51. Expenses equal Revenue any given week
  52. Day-trading (buying player and putting it to transfer list same day and selling it with profit)
  53. Reaching divine skill in Attack-in-the-middle tactics

HTs on achievements

Keywords: (achievements)
From: HT-Thomas (7440494.93) as reply to (7440494.68)
To: GM-Seregon 2006-11-28, at 13:11
Comparing this to the other extralives game where there are a system similar to achievements, you get 10 points for the easy ones, and then 15, 20 or 30 points for the somewhat rarer ones. I would assume that it's the same here.


Keywords: (achievements)
From: HT-Thomas (7440494.169) as reply to (7440494.158)
To: chico_latino 28/11/2006 at 18.13
Achivements is clearly not for everyone, just like collecting flags. It does however provide something fun for some and nothing to someone else.

We had to take a decision about past achievements and we chose this approach for simplicity, time and performance reasons. There would have been billions of rows of data to go through just to get all this. There are some harder/rare achievements that will be awarded retroactive though.

It's the same for everyone even though it might feel bad for those been long in the game. But, Maybe it's time chasing those achievements again? Maybe this will give you and others some fire in the butt to go longer in the Cup than before or even win it? :)

There are many achivements loaded in the game, easy (those you've already seen) and more rare and much harder ones. Give it some time as I'm sure many will see some fun in this thing sooner or later.

Keywords: (achievements)
From: HT-Thomas (7440494.171) as reply to (7440494.170)
To: MOD-Gizmo 28/11/2006 at 18.20
We had to take a decision about past achievements and we chose this approach for simplicity, time and performance reasons. There would have been billions of rows of data to go through just to get all this. There are some harder/rare achievements that will be awarded retroactive though.

Does this mean that I will get NT coach points soon?

If so you'll see an achievement some time in the future.

Keywords: (achievements)
From: HT-Thomas (7440494.457) as reply to (7440494.455)
To: LA-ssativo 01/12/2006 at 10:39
Meaning that if you manage to go up a level in the achievement you get an increase in the points for that specific achievement. Anything else would be totally pointtless. Making less stars, a poorer achievement, should not give any points.

Please, can you confirm this? :)


Keywords: (achievements)
From: HT-Tjecken (7831771.123) as reply to (7831771.1)
To: Everyone 30-10-2007 at 18.27
Reply to: (8995830.992)

Will you ever give the achievement points retro-actively? I founded a big fed (1330 members) just ONE DAY before the whole achievement-points-system started, and I didn´t receive any points for that.

Very frustrating.I understand your frustration, but I'm afraid we will not give any achievement points retro-actively.

Keywords: (achievements)
From: HT-Johan (12087334.605) as reply to (12087334.568)
To: Sexy_y_Barrigon 31-10-2008 at 11.49
I agree that Achievements needs to be fixed, but they simply have not been up there on the list of most critical things to fix - it will need a deep look, and this year it has been more important to get the .NET and redesign done, and even after this I would say for example the economy is several times more important than achievements. Of course this does not change the fact that they should be working better, but we have to be realistic here and achievements simply is not a top priority.

Top 10 Achievers

# Team Points
1 Template:Flag/JPN Kawasaki Tigers 734 1
2 Template:Flag/ITA Saints Regia 665
3 Template:Flag/ESP Castelldefels 649
4 Template:Flag/ROU Tineretul Rebel 659 2
5 Template:Flag/ENG Late Kick Off 657
6 Template:Flag/COL Chapinero United 647
7 Template:Flag/VEN Ivanquel FBC 621
8 Template:Flag/NED Mokkels United 609
9 Template:Flag/DEN FC Birdie 594
10 Template:Flag/COL Despojos 587

1) A bug introduced on the 25th of May 2008 caused this team's best star achievement of 93 stars made in the match with ID 134739451 to be lost, 30 points are thus missing
2) A bug introduced on the 25th of May 2008 caused this team's best star achievement of 101 stars made in the match with ID 142737423 to be lost, 50 points are thus missing