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Achievements are a brand new feature introduced on 27/11/2006. The following announcement was made:

Next season will also see the start of a totally new alternative career feature: Achievements.

Unfortunately, the bitter truth is that not everyone can win the cup or the top league in Hattrick, so we think it’s important that there is a possibility to focus on an alternative career. Alternative careers (the more, the merrier!) give the game depth and give everyone a better gaming experience. Some people focus on being the best forward trainer, some focus on collecting flags and other focus on being an active member of the community for example. Now we add yet another career possibility: achievements.

Shortly put, this feature means you’ll get points for different things you’ve achieved in the game. Winning your league or advancing some rounds in the cup, for example, will give you some points, as will receiving a certain amount of stars in a match. Moreover you will also receive points for other things in the game like founding a federation, buying/selling a player, writing a conference post, climbing up the rankings and becoming a National coach. Most achievements will be known, but there will also be some hidden achievements to seek for.

Your achievements will be visible from your menu and your user page. Both the points you’ve achieved and the maximum points you can achieve will be shown.

The following are possible achievements:

  • Pulled a Youth Player - 10 Points
  • Bought Player - 10 Points
  • Sold Player - 10 Points
  • Press announcement - 10 points
  • Making a conference post - 10 points
  • Changing trainingintensity - 10 points
  • Changing training - 10 points

These are only 50 points of a possible 1040 points.

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By: HT-Thomas 7440494.93 as reply to 7440494.68
To: Seregon 2006-11-28, at 13:11
Comparing this to the other extralives game where there are a system similar to achievements, you get 10 points for the easy ones, and then 15, 20 or 30 points for the somewhat rarer ones. I would assume that it's the same here.