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Active 5 (508572)
Managed by Klein sigaar
Club information
LocationGroningen Nederland
ArenaActive 5 Arena
Fan ClubActive Screamers

Active 5 is a Dutch team managed bij Klein_sigaar. Active 5 currently plays in the serie VII.506. The stadium is in Groningen region and called the Active Arena.


After a few recommandations Klein_sigaar became a user of HT in november 2005. He called the team 'Active 5' after the team he played in at that time. The team started out in X.757 with only 4 games to go. The first complete season was also a disaster endig at the 5th place. After that season all the bot-teams where removed and Active promoted in season 18 to VIII.1038 and without any chance relegated back to the IXth division.

Last season (19) was a great season! Becoming champion and put togheter a solid team that good do well in division VIII. That foundation is now paying off with a first place in VIII.1432

Achievements & Records


Season League KNVB Beker Trophies
16 5st in X.757 not qualified none
17 5st in X.757 not qualified none
18 7nd in VIII.1038 1st round none
19 1st in IX.1052 1st round P1 dgreen-new.gif
20 1st in VIII.1432 not qualified P1 pink-new.gif
21 5th in VII.506 1st round none
22 6th in VII.506 1st round none
23* 2nd in VII.506 4th round current season

* Current season 23 (week 5 of 16)




Friendly matches


Current players

Club Legends