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Al-Kabier (212625)
Managed by As-Saboer
Club information
LocationRotterdam Nederland
ArenaPrince Saboer Stadium
Fan ClubSaudi's

Al-Kabier is a Dutch football club currently playing in the V.217, the 5th Dutch Level. Al-Kabier was found on the 4th of September 2006 by As-Saboer. Al-Kabier is known as an young and ambitious team.


A view of the Prince Saboer Stadium

Name: Prince Saboer Stadium
Last improvement: 02-04-2009
Total capacity: 37.2990
Terraces: 22.380
Basic seating: 8.765
Seats under roof: 5.222
Seats in VIP boxes: 932

The Arena was originaly built in 2006 with a capacity of 12.000.

The name of the stadium "Prince Saboer Stadium" is based on the owner of the club, Prince Mohamed As-Saboer. This very rich prince of Saudi Arabia bought the club Al-Kabier in 2006 and built for it a stadium wearing his name.

In the begin of 2007 the stadium was to small for the ambitions of Al-Kabier and the Prince decided that he must expand the stadium if he wants to fullfill the club in his ambitions. In two fases the stadium was in the year 2007 and the 21th season expanded to 15.015 places. An increasing of 25%! Now the club have a North-Side and an East-Side. The most fanatic supporters of Al-Kabier are sitting on the North-Side. The nickname of the Al-Kabier fanatics is Saudigan.

The most exclusive places, also known as VIP boxes are placed on the East-Side. In one of those boxes the famous and rich chairman Prince Mohamed As-Saboer is seated during the matches of Al-Kabier.

Currently does the Prince Saboer Stadium has a capacity to maintain 37.299 spectators.

Trophies (Team)

Season Trophy
27 Division VI.PNG Champion of VI.571
24 Division VIII.PNG Champion of VIII.164
21 Division VIII.PNG Champion of VIII.1083
20 Division IX.png Champion of IX.942

Trophies (Players)

Season Trophy
21 Goldenboot VIII.gif Matteo Mazzocco Italy VIII.1083, (12 goals)

League History

Al-Kabier end as number 6 in V.217 (season 28)
Al-Kabier end as number 1 in VI.571 (season 27)
Al-Kabier end as number 6 in VI.571 (season 26)
Al-Kabier end as number 2 in VII.546 (season 25)
Al-Kabier end as number 1 in VIII.164 (season 24)
Al-Kabier end as number 7 in VII.707 (season 23)
Al-Kabier end as number 3 in VII.707 (season 22)
Al-Kabier end as number 1 in VIII.1083 (season 21)
Al-Kabier end as number 1 in IX.942 (season 20)
Al-Kabier end as number 5 in IX.942 (season 19)

League overall

Matches Won Draw Lost Points Goals
137 89 12 36 279 474-223

Cup History

Record far in Dutch Cup:

Round 5, season 27

28-01-2009 Jonkie United - Al-Kabier 2 - 3
04-02-2009 nuckleheads - Al-Kabier 3 - 4
11-02-2009 Al-Kabier - De Klompentrappers 5 - 0
18-02-2009 Al-Kabier - badco 3 - 2
25-02-2009 Al-Kabier - FC Jus de Vache 2 - 5

Famous (past) players

  • Netherlands Midas van der Last
  • Norway Karl Kittilsen
  • Italy Matteo Mazzocco
  • Oceania Eldridge Arter
  • Saudi Arabia Hossein Nasser Jaber
  • Sweden Ulrik Torsson

Youth team

Since March 2007 has Al-Kabier a youth team. This youth team, which is named Al-Kabier B, was create to develop regional football players. Famous former Al-Kabier B players are:

  • Abraham Mak (moved to eshgh united for €376.000,-)
  • Jo de Zwaan (moved to Simulink for €43.000,-)
  • Leopold van der Maas (moved to SC Ostfriesland for €105.000,-)
  • Riekus Eijer (moved to Elf Fässer for €30.000,-)
  • Feike Vorstenbosch (moved to FC Kobrakäsi €31.000,-)


  • Biggest win:

11-0 Fc Sjoerd1990 - Al-Kabier 09-03-2008

  • Biggest lose:

6-0 Borgleeuwen - Al-Kabier 19-08-2007

  • Highest points:

42 VIII.164 season 24 01-06-2008

  • Lowest points:

11 VII.707 season 23 10-02-2008

Partnership teams