Al Urdun

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Al Urdun
[[Image:|125px|Flag of Jordan]]
[[Image:|250px|Location of Jordan]]
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Zone: Asia, Africa and Oceania
Continent: Asia
Season: 8
Number of teams (approx): 168 (active ~60)
Level of series: 3
Number of regions: 12
Top series name: Al-Dawry Al-Momtaz
National cup name:
National coach: 7areeg
U-20 Coach: KingTaz
Currency JOD
100 JOD = 50 US$
Time zone Hattrick Time


Al Urdun's first national coach was Psycho_Mike from Suomi.

The first non bot champion of the league was Long and Strong, under the control of LongStrong.. that was on season 2, in season 3 Long and Strong was the strongest team in Al-Urdon he was the champion of the cup three times in row, but season 3 wasn't sweet journey for him, FC Sgh the third on the list did it and won and take a point from Long & Strong 2-2, After that FC Sgh lost against Falasteen FC who won the title that year, in season 4 the new star FC Sgh won the title after hard competition against Falasteen FC, in that season Long & Strong became bot now.

Season 5, FC Sgh continue the perfect playing and won the title, with the same amount of points with Falasteen FC to repeat what happened in the previous season, but unfortunately he decided to quit HT after that.

Season 6, a new team who came from division two, bring us an interesting playing and won the title to the first time, that team was Nabuls FC

season 7, Falasteen Won the league again it was great victory!!

Wa7ad - Al-Urdon


None yet.

Jordanian staff

None yet.

League champions

Season Team Name Manager Name
8 Falasteen FC englezee
7 Falasteen FC englezee
6 Nabuls_FC abukbeer
5 Fc sgh rezmy
4 Fc sgh rezmy
3 Falasteen FC englezee
2 Long and Strong Hadron-Collider
1 Az Zarqa United (Bot) Unknown
0 Az Zarqa United (Bot) Unknown

Cup champions

Season Team Name Manager Name
8 Jordan Kickers StabiloJ
7 3aroos al-shamal PON citizenI
6 Real Madrid.F.C. hamedo
5 Falasteen FC englezee
4 Long and Strong Hadron-Collider
3 Long and Strong Hadron-Collider
2 Long and Strong Hadron-Collider
1 Long and Strong Hadron-Collider

National Teams

National Team Coaches

World Cup Manager
World Cup X 7areega
World Cup IX Former user, then: 7areega
World Cup VIII Former user, then: former user
World Cup VII Psycho_Mike

U-20 Team Coaches

World Cup Manager
U-20 World Cup IX KingTaz
U-20 World Cup VIII TomTiltsson
U-20 World Cup VII TomTiltsson
U-20 World Cup VI TomTiltsson


Regions of Al Urdun Al Urdun

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Asia, Africa and Oceania

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