Albanian elections for U-20 World Cup XXVII

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The Albanian elections for U-20 World Cup XXVII final results. The winner will lead U-20 team during U-20 World Cup XXVII . The final rounds will be played in El Salvador .

Place Manager Votes
1 manfred_berner 9
2 Junikassi 1
3 Retired user 0
4 lenattitestone 0
5 LA-Florid 0
6 Han21 0
7 emiljano83 0

Candidate speech


the last qualifiers didn't went well for Albania. The line ups were bad and the coach didn't spend much time on the team. It should not go on like this. So it is time for a change!

So please vote for me and be a part of the change.

Thank you for your support!

Manfred Created by User:Old boy