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'''All ahead full''' is a variation of [[2-5-3]] where [[attack]] is maxed-out regardless of the probability of very low other [[ratings]]. It is a suicidal form of attack, with no defence apart from your [[goalkeeper]]; but it has some limited advantages depending upon the situation. That's why it is rarely used in official matches.
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When playing against an opponent that '''you know for sure''' will use some [[CA]] formation without any middle like [[5-2-3]] but he/she will have some very serious [[defence]], you can try to break it by using this tactics. Watch out for [[confusion]] when you use this. Usually a very good [[team captain]] for your team will help reducing confusion.
If your opponent doesn't have [[midfield]] at all and you want to score a lot of goals, you can also use this tactic.
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cd_right = E.FO |
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wb_left = WBO |
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