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Alltid Hattrick (AH) was the largest statistics site for Hattrick developed by weird_ed. It covers every club and every player in every country in Hattrick. Hours can be spent here. AH collected statistics for league and qualification matches only. Because of the huge amount of data processed it could take several hours for stats to be updated following a round of games. The site was closed down on 1 December 2011.

Alltid login page
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Alltid Supporter[edit]

At the end of February 2007 the site introduced a raft of new and exciting features. Not least a CHPP approved Firefox extension that integrates Alltid stats directly into the hattrick interface. You will now be able to see Alltid stats directly on team pages, player pages, federation pages and so on. The most importants stats from Alltid will be easily available in a new very slick tab-like bar at the top of the page. No need to open any external sites any more. Everything is available in Hattrick.

The extension is one feature of a new Alltid Supporter package. For a one time fee of just €9.95 you get free use of the Firefox Extension, a Gamercard, Stats delivered in RSS and more. The Firefox Extension is a part of the Supporter pack, but is open for a 14 day free trial for anyone who wants to try it.

Alltid Merges with Hattrick[edit]

A MyHT announcement was made on the 15th of September 2008 :

15-09-2008 Alltid becomes a part of Hattrick
There will be a lot more statistics for you to enjoy in Hattrick as the statistical CHPP site "Alltid Hattrick" becomes a part of Hattrick. Alltid provides statistics about every team and player in the Hattrick universe, and as a part of Hattrick it will be much easier for you to access all that nice statistics. Moreover, we hope many of you will discover these statistics for the first time this way!

We are very proud to integrate a part of our fantastic community like this. The Alltid developer, weird_ed, will also become a part of the HT team at the same time. He will help us integrating Alltid with Hattrick (which will be done step by step and take at least 6 months (or more) to complete), and also help us developing new statistical features that were previously not possible when the two sites were separate.

If you are an Alltid Plus member, read the announcement on Alltid for more info.

The announcement on :

15.09.08 Alltid becomes a part of Hattrick
weird_ed 15.09.08

When we released version 2 of our amazing Firefox extension, it was a huge eye-opener for the entire Hattrick community. It really showed that it was possible to have an incredible amount of stats within Hattrick, without complicating the game or the navigation.

It didn’t take long for Hattrick to notice. And the combination of the extension, the advanced functionality and the amount of data we’ve collected at Alltid has really captured the attention of Hattrick.

So today I’m very excited to announce that Alltid will soon become an official part of Hattrick!

Over the next six months I will work on implementing the Alltid functionality directly into Hattrick, with no more need for specific browsers or extensions! This means even more stats, with better integration, and more accuracy!

Not surprisingly, I’ve always felt like Hattrick needed a lot more stats, and it’s great to be given the opportunity to work on this. I have high hopes that this will turn out great for the Hattrick community. And for those of you who already enjoy Alltid in its current form – you are really going to enjoy the things we will come up with during and after this transition!

Unfortunately as the Alltid site will disappear over time, the Plus Memberships will disappear with it. Hattrick has agreed to compensate all of the current Plus members with a 6 month HT supporter option once we’ve finished the transition. I think this is a pretty good deal, and I hope it’s an acceptable solution for all of you.

I will post more details on how the transition will take place in the coming weeks, so stay tuned. For the next 3-6 months, the Alltid site should stay the same though.

I hope you are all as excited as I am over this!

27.11.11 Alltid Hattrick to close down
On December 1st, the Alltid statistics site will be taken down as an independent site. The legacy of Alltid will live on as a more limited statistics service within the Hattrick site.

Our original idea was to build on Alltid to create a separate but tightly integrated statistical resource for Hattrick. It is now three years since this project started, and it is clear that these ambitions was set too high. While the existing Alltid site became harder and harder to maintain, it became clear that to build a replica of it in the same environment as Hattrick would simply become too large and risky a project. The way Alltid works, saving all data in separate indexes, makes the database similar in size to the rest of Hattrick, in effect doubling our need for servers, storage and system maintenance. Also, given the huge amounts of data that needs to be shuffled between the “game database” and the statistics site, it is unavoidable that a large and growing Alltid, built in this way, will lead to deadlocks and delays in the game service. At least, creating the service out of Alltid that we know users hoped for and expected, would lock up all or development resources for a long time, and even then, we could not be sure that we would reach the goal we aimed for.

Instead, we have decided to go back to building statistics from within our existing Hattrick databases. Almost every piece of data that ever existed in Alltid, already exists in Hattrick. The data that was unique to Alltid, such as weekly form and TSI updates, have now been imported into Hattrick, and is being saved there going forward as well. This means that we will be able to access and build stats based on these data points in the future as well.

What will be different is the sheer amount of data that we will index and present on the site at any point in time. The Alltid perspective is to create all views and indexes first, then display them on a site and let people browse around. In hat trick, we create most star on the fly, in the context where it is needed. This means we have to think more about how performance-heavy each piece of statistic is. We think that overall, this is still a much more sensible way to approach Hattrick statistics in the long run, and we have every intention on extending and deepening the statistics that we are offering on the Hattrick site today. But we will take one step at a time to make sure our stats don’t affect the general performance of the site.

We know this step has been disappointing to many of you. And it has been a letdown for us as well. We know there are new initiatives to provide stats underway in the community, and it is something we encourage and are happy to support. Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to keep this site open. Every season break, a lot of manual hacking has been required to get the new stats up, and we don’t think it is possible to keep this up in the long run. Out of several bad options, we think our chosen course is the best one and we hope that you will understand this.

Signed, HT-Johan (Producer, Hattrick) and Weird_Ed (Creator of Alltid)

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