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Alltid Hattrick (AH) is the largest statistics site for Hattrick developed by weird_ed. It covers every club and every player in every country in Hattrick. Hours can be spent here. AH collects statistics for league and qualification matches only. Because of the huge amount of data processed it can take several hours for stats to be updated following a round of games.

Alltid Supporter

At the end of February 2007 the site introduced a raft of new and exciting features. Not least a CHPP approved Firefox extension that integrates Alltid stats directly into the hattrick interface. You will now be able to see Alltid stats directly on team pages, player pages, federation pages and so on. The most importants stats from Alltid will be easily available in a new very slick tab-like bar at the top of the page. No need to open any external sites any more. Everything is available in Hattrick.

The extension is one feature of a new Alltid Supporter package. For a one time fee of just €9.95 you get free use of the Firefox Extension, a Gamercard, Stats delivered in RSS and more. The Firefox Extension is a part of the Supporter pack, but is open for a 14 day free trial for anyone who wants to try it.

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