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Alosta FC (744700)
managed by Scania93
Full Name Alosta Football Club
Team Colors Blue, White, Black
Founded 07-07-2009
Country Belgium België
Region Oost-Vlaanderen
Ranking 18 083
Stadium SportComplex Aalst
Capacity 26 260 seats
Fan club De Ajuinen
Coach Mexico Reynaldo Suárez
League VII.122
Kits HomeAlostahome.png AwayAlostaaway.png

Alosta FC (full name: Alosta Football Club) is a football team in Belgium. The team currently plays in league VII.122 of the Belgian Competition.

In their very first season Alosta FC ended 6th in IX.685. Manager Scania93 made some changes to the teams to get the title in IX.685. After a draw and a 6-1 win against title-opponent Erpeboys they won their first title. They promoted to VIII.1706.

After a great year, the new challenge was not degrade in this range. This was successfully completed because after an unbeaten season Alosta gained their second title on a row.

Season 4 for Alosta & season 30 in Hattrick, they promoted to one of the strongest competitions of the VII.

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