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Every team needs an arena where they can play their home matches. Your job is to build your arena as big as needed, but not to build it too big, because you must pay every week to keep your arena in shape. There are four types of stands:

  • Terraces (most spectators will use terraces, so you need more these than seats);
  • Regular seats (spectators who want some comfort when watching games buy regular seats, these are the second most used, so build these a lot too);
  • Seats under the roof (these are for people who want to a see match as comfortably as possible. Still, relatively a lot of spectators buys tickets for these seats);
  • Seats in VIP lounge (only important spectators like sponsors use these seats, thus,you need to build only a few of these)

Default distribution

Total capacity: 12000
Terraces: 8000
Basic seating: 3000
Seats under roof: 1000
Seats in VIP boxes: 0

Income per seat

Terraces: 6.5
Basic seating: 9.5
Seats under roof: 18
Seats in VIP boxes: 32.5

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Terraces: 0.5
Basic seating: 0.7
Seats under roof: 1
Seats in VIP boxes: 2.5

How to build

Costs of expansion

Terraces: 45
Basic seating: 75
Seats under roof: 90
Seats in VIP boxes: 300

There is also an additional fee of 10,000 every time you expand or reduce, no matter how many seats you add or reduce.

Weekly benefit per seat (estimation*)

8 matches 7 matches
Terraces: 2.75 2.34
Basic seating: 4.05 3.46
Seats under roof: 5.5 4.69
Seats in VIP boxes: 13.75 11.72

(*) Estimation based on a full stadium at home for 8 or 7 weeks for each 16 week period.

Stadium Expansion Theories

The following contents are based on the opinion of Hattrick users — which means that their veracity and accuracy have not been confirmed by any official statement, and consequently they do not necessarily reflect the game reality. Please take this into consideration!

When building your arena you might want to use one of the helper applications to get the arena done with the right amount of seats. Alternatively, you can use a proportion of seats somewhere near:

Terraces: 62.5%
Basic seating: 25%
Seats under roof: 10%
Seats in VIP boxes: 2.5%

These figures are good to start with, because they give you a rough estimation to start with. For further expansion you can calculate these proportions yourself, but be careful not to base your proportion on the average mentioned at the supporter statistics. When your stadium is full regularly, this average will get pulled towards the proportions your stadium setup has NOW. So base your proportions on all the games where none of the types of seats were full, and calculate the average from these figures. This will give you a proportion that is probably good for your supporters, in your division. Be careful because these proportions vary with weather, meaning you can put a few more terraces and basic seats. A seat must be used a minimum of once each 10 weeks to be profitable. Of course, you can leave this to dusty number crunchers and just stick to good ol' 62,5-25-10-2,5 which won't be that far off.

Your stadium is an expensive long-term investment, which will take around two seasons to pay for itself at best. It is generally better to improve your stadium in small steps (say 2,000 to 4,000), and only if you will be able to fill those additional places in the majority of your up-coming matches.

Teams on a bad run may not see home crowds anything as good as the 20x fan-club indicator mentioned often in guides. Your home crowds for league/cup games can be as low as 10x or 15x fan club size if you and your opponent are in low league positions and on bad runs and the weather is poor. This is particularly the case if you are in a low division populated by inactive teams. The often-mentioned upper indicator of 30x fan-club size is much more accurate for successful teams in the upper divisions, where all teams are likely to have large fan clubs, so that the away-team portion of attendance is fully populated.


  • When budgeting for arena expansions remember that you may not take more than 500 000 debt.