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Every team needs an arena where they can play there home matches. Your job is to build your arena as big as needed, but not to build it too big, because you must pay taxes every week to keep your arena in shape. There are four types of stands:

  • Terraces (most of spectators will come to these so build these most),
  • Regular seats (spectators who want some comfort when watching game buys these, these are second most used so build these a lot too),
  • Seats under the roof (these are for people who want see match as comfortable as possible, still relatively a lot of spectators buys tickets for these seats),
  • Seats in VIP lounge (only important spectators, like sponsors use these seats, thus you need to build only few of these)

The default distribution of seats is:

Total capacity:12000
Basic seating:3000
Seats under roof:1000
Seats in VIP boxes:0

You might want to use one of the helper applications to get the arena done with the right amount of seats. Or just apply proportion of seats somewhere near 62% / 25% / 10% / 3%.

This is the prices of expanding stadiums:

Terraces: 60£ Basic seats: 100£ Seats under roof: 120£ Seats in VIP boxes: 400£

Plus a 10,000 fee per expansion

Note that stadium is an expensive long-term investment, which may be repaid in two seasons at best. It's generally better to improve your stadium in small steps (say 2000 to 4000), and only if you are sure of being able to fill those additional places in a majority of up-coming matches.

Teams on a bad run may not see home crowds anything as good as the 20xfan-club indicator mentioned often in other guides. Your home crowds for league/cup games can be as low as 10x or 12x fan base if you and your opponent are in low league positions and on bad runs and the weather is poor. The often mentioned upper indicator of 30x fan-club size is much more accurate for teams on a good run, especially when they are hosting other successful teams.

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