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areyouthebundscoach (765556)
Managed by paul86
Club information
LocationOverijssel Nederland
ArenaCo Adriaanse Stadion
Fan ClubDe Bundsen

About the team

areyouthebundscoach was started on 9th december 2004. The football club is playing on the 7th division in The Netherlands. Matches at home are played in the Co Adriaanse Stadion with a capacity of 21.000 people. We have the ambition to play in the 6th division at 2 seasons. Statistics about the team lever can be found here .

Achievements in the past

Season 14: 1st in X.236
Season 15: 2nd in IX.214
Season 16: 2nd in VIII.645
Season 17: 4th in VII.125
Season 18: 1st in VII.125

Dutch Cup
Season 16: Cup round 1
Season 17: Cup round 2
Season 18: Cup round 2


Champions X.236 (season 14)
Champions VII.125 (season 18)

Last press release

Because all the press releases are in Dutch, it is not necessary to put these reports on this page.