Arno van Bronkhorst

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Personal Information
Full name Arno van Bronkhorst
Nickname Unknown
Country Netherlands Nederland
Position IM
Speciality Head
Club Information
Current club Retired player
Senior Clubs
Global Seasons Team GP (goals)
Netherlands Anti-Bier _?_(?)
Turkey HectoRCaesaR _?_(?)
Norway Holmen Hotshots _?_(?)
France Liverpool 67 _?_(?)
Poland Fc Arcadius _?_(?)
France AlsaceTeam _?_(?)
Netherlands Fc Arcadius _?_(?)
Liechtenstein U.S. Vaduz _12_(?)
Uruguay ships _?_(?)
Portugal Tansmontanos _?_(26)
Italy A.C. Campo Ligure _?_(?)
Domus Pulchri Ludi CF Hellas Corona _?_(?)
Chile Fc Arcadius _?_(1)

Arno van Bronkhorst (350383452) was a Dutch player.