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federname = Around The World |
federname = Around The World |
allianceid = 34447 |
allianceid = 34447 |
urifedlogo = [[Image:http://img438.imageshack.us/img438/1082/aroundtheworld1bh.jpg]] |
htuser = Maringo |
htuser = Maringo |
federfoundingdate = 10-12-2005 |
federfoundingdate = 10-12-2005 |

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Around The World (34447)
Chief Officer Maringo
Founding date 10-12-2005
Members 66 (on 30-01-06)
Languages English

Around The World is a new federation. The fed was founded by HoebekeD on 10-12-2005 but switched owner a month later. The new owner now is Maringo. The fed is for everyone, everywhere around the world. Everyone can join without waiting for someone to apply. So he or she can go directly to the forums and join lots of events.


Every federation has ranks, just to keep to good order within the fed. This are the ranks of ATW

  • Worldleader - This is the rank of the owner.
  • First Lady - This rank is especially for her who comforts the worldleader and also has a high vote in critical situations
  • World Co-operator - The one asigned for this does the things of the worldleader when he's not available
  • President - Every country has his own president. The president helps people in there own language and representing the country with various decisions
  • Co-operator - Helps the president when everything
  • Organizer - This one managed all the games
  • Co-organizer - helps the organizer. He/she can also manage a game if it's too much for the organizer to handle.
  • Webdesigner - Makes and manage the website.
  • Welcomer - Welcomes all new people to the fed.


There is a lot to do in the federation, here's a list of everything

  • ATW Closed Cup - The ATW Closed Cup is a cup for everyone within the federation. It begins with 8 groups with 4 teams in it. The teams play one match against each other. The two teams at top will qualify for the knock-out round.
  • ATW Open Cup - The ATW Open Cup is in the first place for those who are too late to asign for the Closed Cup. The cup is filled with teams outside the federation. The set up is the same as the Closed Cup
  • Player of the Week - Every week you can nominate your player for the Player ofthe Week contest. The nominations round begins on sunday and ends on sunday. Then a poll is made with the nominated players and everyone can vote for the player who they think is the best player of that week.
  • Partizan League - This event is not online yet, but it will be soon. The Partizan League is based on the stats of your last competition match.
  • Logo contest - Various logo contests are in the fed. Logo of the season is currently running.