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There is some debate over the effectiveness of this tactic, with some trainers feeling it is not as effective as the rules suggest.  
There is some debate over the effectiveness of this tactic, with some trainers feeling it is not as effective as the rules suggest.  
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Attack on wings tactic


  • When getting a chance, your chances of it being a wing attack will raise (in a percentage between 20% and 40%, depending on your Attack on wings skill and your series level)


Attack on wings skill

Your ability to turn attacks through the middle into wing attacks is influenced by the total passing skill of all your outfield players. When calculating your AOW skill, an experience bonus is added for each involved player, as normal.


The following contents are based on the opinion of Hattrick users — which means that their veracity and accuracy have not been confirmed by any official statement, and consequently they do not necessarily reflect the game reality. Please take this into consideration!


This is an extract from the Hattrick rules, Chapter 11
With an exceptional AIM skill, you will get something like 40% more attacks through the middle. To qualify for "exceptional", more is required of teams in a top level game than in a Divison IV fixture, and the same relative level is taken into account for the other tactic types as well. At a minimum you are guaranteed to get 20% more attack through the middle. Depending on your AIM skill, you will end up somewhere in between these two extremes.

There is some debate over the effectiveness of this tactic, with some trainers feeling it is not as effective as the rules suggest.[www donzelas com] [basi midi dragostea download] [www mibabarletta it] [bette midler] [yu gi uh] [xxll] [ballatella] [brigitte buiu] [zok zok no 3] [beheaded] [www regimen 8m com] [yma sumac] [www statura com] [bootsy bootsy boom] [bachata de amor] [ad ovest di zanzibar] [www geografi it] [blu of] [xs dc216 digital camera] [zanzara in abito da sera] [yamada] [www osteriaecucina it] [beatles black bird] [www gayssimo it] [ya parte el galgo terrible] [big booty] [body crumbles] [wwwchats it] [xemphimsex] [www mi piaci tu] [bintang afi2] [biglietti concerto renato zero acireale] [back eyes pa] [better sweet] [bennassi brothers feat dhany hit my heart] [www tirolo it] [bonne nouvelle] [www sis it] [xcam software] [zbor] [appleseed] [biciclette offerte] [www tvn c l] [bimbo el oso] [who loves lives] [www unina2 it psicologia] [wwwbbw com] [zemanova video porno] [www ara com mx] [www muchen it] [biopharma paderno dugnano] [billow get up] [bajo] [www aeroruta] [yo no te pido pablo milanes] [benedicto rodrigues] [www supersteph fr st] [bornslippy] [www smr france fr] [biagio antonacci convivendo mp3] [asterix e la pozione magica] [bianca balena] [bressanone] [yankee progdvb] [www villaggioglobale com] [www mazinga com] [xatzigiannis to sagapo] [www interbus it] [bitter sweet simphony] [brothers pearl harbour] [zingaro felice alex britti] [battaglione san marco] [yu gy oh su internet] [ballata per maria] [bak et halleluja] [yu gi of] [www unisg it] [yume no nnaka e] [bastonade] [amarti a new york] [www wwfitalia it] [xman] [www f3f3 com] [www superfighetto] [beatiful pharrell] [zaton mali] [www overtechno com] [xat] [www natisone it] [zanfranceschi] [yann destal] [barbra streisand memory] [anno 2020: i gladiatori del futuro] [britney spearce] [xportal biz] [www viva gsm com] [zeljko samardzic ljubavnik] [youth of the nation] [www podrido com mx] [anchorman. la leggenda di ron burgundy] [yankse 1 4] [breg beheading] [www mega cl] [yaou italia] [bunny teens] [baboomba kar] [www med unifi it] [babybuds uk] [amburgo squadra omicidi] [zorritas muy calientes] [baci tra ragazze] [budda bar iii] [bossa midi loops] [acciuffate quella donna] [www tribunaledibrindisi] [amori pericolosi] [your songs] [zucchero everybody s got to learn sometime] [buffoon] [www gdp ch] [www quarterhorse it] [born slippy] [www figc dilettanti er it] [boccacio it] [yhe 411] [baci fra uomini] [www shede libro it] [xxx grande fratello] [bez cis nien] [www recing live com] [www uniroma2 it] [your song moulin rouge] [betty curtis] [a casa con i webber] [www ritrattid autore it] [benny bennassy] [yolanda adams i believe] [www iacp napoli it] [zie mignotte] [www aranxaescort com] [yugiho] [www loghi] [www sindacato it] [www atrevida com br] [y yo sigo aqui paulina rubio] [www uefa com] [zorba polifonico] [yeke yeke mory kante] [www porno gratis] [beyonca crazy in love]