Attack on Wings

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Attack on wings tactic


  • When getting a chance, your chances of it being a wing attack will raise (in a percentage between 20% and 40%, dependind on your Attack on wings skill and your series level)


Attack on wings skill

Your ability to turn wing attacks into attacks through the middle is influenced by the total passing skill of all your outfield players. When calculating your AIM skill, an experience bonus is added for each involved player, as normal.



Quoting the rules:

With an exceptional AIM skill, you will get something like 40% more attacks through the middle. To qualify for "exceptional", more is required of teams in a top level game than in a Divison IV fixture, and the same relative level is taken into account for the other tactic types as well. At a minimum you are guaranteed to get 20% more attack through the middle. Depending on your AIM skill, you will end up somewhere in between these two extremes.


There is some debate over the effectiveness of this tactic, with some trainers feeling it is not as effective as the rules suggest.