Attack ratings

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The Attack ratings are the central attack, left attack, and right attack in a match. These ratings are affected most by Forwards and Wingers, but also by Midfielders and Wingbacks. The Attack ratings affect how many goals your team scores with its regular chances.

Your chances to score are distributed as they follow:

  • 35% in the middle
  • 25% on each side (R/L)
  • 15% free kicks (direct and indirect FK)

The moment when an event happens is picked randomly. At that specific time, the match engine analisis the possession (the midfield ratings of both teams) and decides if or which team gets a chance to score.

The Attack rating of the team who got the chance “fights” the Defense ratings of the opponent team on that side (for example the Right Attack rating will “fight” the opponent’s Left Defence rating).

If the Attack rating is higher than the opponent’s Defence rating on that side, the chance to score a goal is higher. The scorer will be picked randomly, but the players with a higher Scoring skill are more likely to be found on the scoresheet.

The confidence also affects the attack ratings.