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137 managers are currently supporting L'auberge espagnole and Zabalinho is supporting 139 teams.

Managers Supporting Team

User Team League
France IsmaZ icon GDA Team Magnifier.png IV.5
Spain CHPB-Oscar icon Independiente de Vigo Magnifier.png VI.416
Germany pikke06 icon BV Pikke Magnifier.png VI.415
Colombia Camilin icon Delta THC Magnifier.png IV.52
Belgium GM-CapitaineBleuten icon Les Fiers de Hache Magnifier.png IV.14
France TheMickael icon RedBull Cosmos Magnifier.png VI.454
Template:Country data Angleterre Dunk- icon Skint FC Magnifier.png V.8
Template:Country data Chili Kikoz icon Chuletaz Magnifier.png II.3
Denmark Tomlinson icon Boldklubben FEFOSSIB Magnifier.png V.124
Italy rokko icon SELINUS Magnifier.png VI.728
Finland Lahansai icon Tikkunekut Magnifier.png VI.301
France _VLF_ icon VIVE LE FEU !!! Magnifier.png V.172
Netherlands ATF-Jolien99 icon AngelsUnited Magnifier.png V.63
France stylebob icon WeedTeam Magnifier.png IV.13
Template:Country data Chili Superbots icon Italian champions Magnifier.png IV.44
France ramby81 icon les albigeois Magnifier.png II.3
France Stephane_r icon fc pluneret Magnifier.png VI.243
Luxembourg samyx icon FC Póvoa. Magnifier.png II.1
Austria Dahl_Clementsen icon Kongeriget Danmark, for så vidt angår Færøerne Magnifier.png VI.267
France Lfab21_HTA icon Narvallo's team Magnifier.png V.180
Canada sam_les_casse icon MASSILLIA Magnifier.png III.7
Peru Diegoakd icon Masticando decepciones en un mundo de ilusiones... Magnifier.png IV.53
Spain Munon icon Muñon Ballans Magnifier.png VI.713
Luxembourg myriam81 icon Filipe Allstars Magnifier.png III.15
Template:Country data Pays-Bas DuMonde icon The Silmarillia Magnifier.png VI.579
Germany ammonit icon Rostocker Rohdiamanten Magnifier.png V.54
France baissdeprix icon Torpedo B-C-R Magnifier.png V.37
France davidvilla49 icon València CFC Magnifier.png VI.361
Template:Country data Italie Cortomaltese icon Mare Salato Magnifier.png VI.281
France REGISRAG icon sporting landéan Magnifier.png V.222
Belgium Kanarieboy icon Tomorrowland Belgium Magnifier.png VI.308
Luxembourg Mod-Maya29 icon FC Nouspelt Magnifier.png Nationaldivisioun
France Hugues777 icon Marseille Titans FC Magnifier.png VI.18
USA Sushi_Man icon RawTuna Magnifier.png VI.522
Vietnam Mod-we_will_win icon TDH1-K47 Magnifier.png V-League
Template:Country data Slovénie artod icon Breg Magnifier.png II.3
Template:Country data Grèce Polytropos icon Poythenades Magnifier.png III.2
France livior icon champfleurie fc Magnifier.png V.143
Template:Country data Turquie Capulcu_Surgery icon _GALATASARAY S.K_ Magnifier.png VI.859
Template:Country data Italie Tribytan icon Cannolikki Magnifier.png VII.251
Template:Country data Suisse Richi-Rich icon Sparta Cvrcek Magnifier.png V.228
Template:Country data Slovénie Tweir icon NK Sosed Magnifier.png Prva slovenska liga
Kazakhstan MU-Maximus icon FC Spectre Magnifier.png II.1
Luxembourg DUNGA73 icon SC TETANGE Magnifier.png III.3
Template:Country data Italie LeBridge-PDM icon CP Celti Patavii Magnifier.png IV.15
Portugal PRG-PDG icon SOL - Be my Supporter Magnifier.png V.142
Template:Country data Bolivie CarlosPommier icon FC CARLITOS Magnifier.png III.13
Template:Country data Trinité-et-Tobago colonelneil icon colonel united Magnifier.png T&T Pro League
France monster33 icon monster red Magnifier.png VI.466
Iran Linorth icon 021 FC Magnifier.png IV.24

Supported Teams

User Team League
France gdvince icon Boîteux Brestois Magnifier.png V.9
France EsteveGorria icon Angelu Magnifier.png V.50
France humility icon Thunder Bulls Magnifier.png III.3
France othys icon FC OTHYS Magnifier.png V.88
Luxembourg DurdenTyler icon FightClub Football Club Magnifier.png Nationaldivisioun
France kris59 icon FC Marquette Magnifier.png VII.439
France lev_yachine icon All-Black Spider Football Club Magnifier.png IV.24
France jeremy51 icon BETHENY SC Magnifier.png IV.58
France -Morane- icon Escadron de Bourgogne Magnifier.png VI.581
France oskitz10estefania icon La Team au thé Magnifier.png V.86
Germany Ann_G_WhyWe icon SuS Concordia Chancentod Magnifier.png VI.157
Template:Country data Indonésie SinnerZ icon Resurrection of the Kalong Magnifier.png II.1
Belgium Fabio_550 icon As Rital Team Magnifier.png VI.334
Template:Country data Italie Cortomaltese icon Mare Salato Magnifier.png VI.281
France Musclortennis icon Kerichteam Bib's Magnifier.png II.3
France Brownito icon Racing Club de Brownville Magnifier.png IV.4
France Tibbs icon RC Tibbs Magnifier.png II.4
France bud_light icon Gueugnon Saint Germain Magnifier.png VII.793
Uzbekistan Khegay icon Toshkent Magnifier.png II.2
Switzerland Celta icon Real Club Celta Magnifier.png VI.532
France Tranberinho icon Malherbe United Magnifier.png III.1
Luxembourg Suelzer icon Heeschdreffer Knappen Magnifier.png IV.54
France FlalMrD icon les red wings Magnifier.png IV.8
France deliomnes icon kermadigood Magnifier.png V.30
France Kawamashi icon Olympique de Martigues Magnifier.png V.110
France Gafougnette-24FFGP icon ARIEGE F.C Magnifier.png VI.804
France JC-SALGADO icon Real Vannes Breizh C.F. Magnifier.png III.14
Japan Junnja icon Kyoto Tigers Magnifier.png II.1
Sweden g_wes_HT33 icon Verkovare FF Magnifier.png IId
Denmark LA-Fix-it icon B1909 Magnifier.png V.67
Switzerland Jocelyn_Beaumont icon Excelsior Turicum Magnifier.png IV.32
Romania Kitra icon Kitra Wonderrers Magnifier.png V.169
Spain luispepe icon Delirios de Grandeza Magnifier.png Primera
Russia t_anderton icon Organum Magnifier.png V.203
Italy KurtzAk47 icon Zocco United Magnifier.png VIII.812
USA FenerbahceUSA icon SF CANARIES 1907 Magnifier.png VI.1
Poland ampulka icon Darłovia Magnifier.png V.136
England Escafeld icon Wincobank Ironopolis Magnifier.png IV.22
Norway reper icon reperbahn Magnifier.png V.189
Andorra caminhante icon PIRES 75 F.C. Magnifier.png II.3
France HaNs_VoN_Kruppt icon FC Wolf Von Kruppt Magnifier.png IV.13
Chile UC-Marcelo icon Catolicarnaval Magnifier.png V.2
Morocco yores icon Athletico Mohammedia Magnifier.png III.3
Oceania jimdownunder icon Bay of Plenty Magnifier.png IV.23
Slovakia manager72 icon FC Druzba Magnifier.png V.33
Iceland strax icon blackburn Magnifier.png III.16
Austria ---HC--- icon - Blue Steel - Magnifier.png V.1
Lithuania andriuxa74-Fox icon FBC JUSTY FOX Magnifier.png III.5
Mexico Racr02 icon Ornitorrincos Purpura Magnifier.png IV.36
Malta jillyjones icon Maltezos Magnifier.png II.1