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== Trophies ==
== Trophies ==
=== League ===
=== League ===
[[Image:P1 blue-new.gif]] '''Champion''' in [[VII.862 (Nederland)|VII.862]] (season 10)<br>
* {{divVII}} '''Champion''' in [[VII.862 (Nederland)|VII.862]] (season 10)
[[Image:P1 brown-new.gif]] '''Champion''' in [[VI.999 (Nederland)|VI.999]] (season 14)<br>
* {{divVI}} '''Champion''' in [[VI.999 (Nederland)|VI.999]] (season 14)
[[Image:P1 orange-new.gif]] '''Champion''' in [[V.44 (Nederland)|V.44]] (season 18)<br>
* {{divV}} '''Champion''' in [[V.44 (Nederland)|V.44]] (season 18)
=== Friendly Cups ===
=== Friendly Cups ===
[[Image:P2_blue.gif]] '''Runner Up''' [[HattrickSancta cup]] (season 10)<br>
* [[Image:P2_blue.gif]] '''Runner Up''' [[HattrickSancta cup]] (season 10)
[[Image:P2_blue.gif]] '''Runner Up''' [[CHF-Cup]] (season 15)<br>
* [[Image:P2_blue.gif]] '''Runner Up''' [[CHF-Cup]] (season 15)
[[Image:Trofe-02-new.gif]] '''Winner''' [[CHF-Cup]] (season 18)<br>
* [[Image:Trofe-02-new.gif]] '''Winner''' [[CHF-Cup]] (season 18)
[[Image:P2_blue.gif]] '''Runner Up''' [[CHF-Cup]] (season 19)<br>
* [[Image:P2_blue.gif]] '''Runner Up''' [[CHF-Cup]] (season 19)
[[Image:P3_blue.gif]] '''3rd Place''' [[CHF-Cup]] (season 21)<br><br>
* [[Image:P3_blue.gif]] '''3rd Place''' [[CHF-Cup]] (season 21)
== Haarlem Cup ==
== Haarlem Cup ==
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B.S.M. (212395)
Managed by GertJan
Club information
LocationAmsterdam Nederland
ArenaDe Centenbrug
Fan ClubKroketvreters

B.S.M. is a Dutch club started in 2003 in VII.826. Team is managed by GertJan.


The first coach was Oliver Dassen. He lead the team to the first championship ever. The current coach is Foeke Eldering. He recently replaced Victor Kohikikko, who was unable to keep the teamspirit on an high level.



  • Division VII.PNG Champion in VII.862 (season 10)
  • Division VI.PNG Champion in VI.999 (season 14)
  • Division V.PNG Champion in V.44 (season 18)

Friendly Cups

Haarlem Cup

Edition Result Win Draw Loss
1st Edition Round of Eight 1 0 3
3rd Edition Second Round 0 0 3
7th Edition Second Round 6 1 1

Famous (past) players

  • Template:Flag/NED Derek Molter Player who was injuried for a half season. After that, he became in the same season topscorer.
  • Template:Flag/NED Laurens Hendriks Good old Laurens Hendriks has led the B.S.M. defence during the first seasons and is now coach somewhere else.
  • Template:Flag/CHN Jin Phuc Legend on the midfield. Wants to return to B.S.M., but his current club won't let him go.
  • Template:Flag/ITA Virgilio Valdinoci Best midfielder ever. On the age of 17 he came to B.S.M. and became by far the best midfielder of the club. Sadly he is retired.
  • Template:Flag/BEL Gertjan Sterrenburg The most beloved and the best player of B.S.M. ever.

Stadium De Centenbrug

Stadium De Centenbrug

Name: De Centenbrug
Total capacity: 70.000
Terraces: 43.750
Basic seating: 17.700
Seats under roof: 7.000
Seats in VIP boxes: 1.750

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