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{| class="infobox" id="toc" style="float:right; font-size:90%; text-align:left; padding-left:10px; padding-bottom=10px"
{{infobox/start|header = BXL Cup|infobox_style=width:250px;}}
{{infobox/row|data = [[File:Brussel.png|240px]]}}
| colspan="2" align=center style="font-size:1.3em"| '''BXL Cup'''
{{infobox/row|header = Cup information}}
{{infobox/row|label = Country|data = {{flag|Belgium}}}}
| colspan="2" style="text-align: center;"|[[Image:Brussel.png|150px]]
{{infobox/row|label = Region|data = [[Brussels]]}}
{{infobox/row|label = Organiser|data = [[User:Lunacharsky|Lunacharsky]] {{userid|9748640}}}}
|'''Country'''|| {{Flagicon|BEL}} [[België]]
{{infobox/row|label = Title holder|data = ''TBD''}}
{{infobox/row|header = Editions}}
|'''Region'''|| [[Brussels]]
{{infobox/row|data = [[BXL Cup Edition 1|1<sup>st</sup>]]}}
|'''Title Holder'''|| ''tbd''
|'''Current Edition'''|| [[BXL Cup Edition 1|1st Edition]]
|'''Organiser'''|| [[User:Lunacharsky|Lunacharsky]] [http://www.hattrick.org/Club/Manager/?userId=9748640 (9748640)]
The BXL Cup is a friendly cup in [[Brussels]], [[Belgium]].  
The BXL Cup is a friendly cup in [[Brussels]], [[Belgium]].  

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Cup information
Country  Belgium
Region Brussels
Organiser Lunacharsky (9748640)
Title holder TBD

The BXL Cup is a friendly cup in Brussels, Belgium.

Participants and Organisation


Participating teams must come from the Brussels Region in Belgium to be eligible for qualification. Teams can candidate for the cup on the Brussels Forum on Hattrick. The number of teams that can participate is currently unlimited, the structure of the cup, possible group stages and elimination rounds are determined based on the teams participating.


The Cup is organised by Lunacharsky. The first edition will be played during Global Season 42.

Current Edition: 1st Edition

Main article: BXL Cup Edition 1

On this moment, the BXL Cup is in its 1st edition. The first matchday will be June 2nd 2010.

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Brussels (Belgium Belgium)

Brussels - BXL Cup

Teams in Brussels (Belgium Belgium)

Red Star Brussels | SC Brussels United