BXL Cup Edition 1

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BXL Cup Edition 1
Tournament details
Host Brussels,  Belgium
Season(s) 42
Teams 30

BXL Cup Edition 1 is the 1st Edition of the BXL Cup, a local cup in Brussels, Belgium.


Date Event
April 12th 2010 Start subscriptions
May 15th 2010 End subscriptions
June 2nd 2010 First Round
July 7th 2010 Last 16
July 14th 2010 Quarter Finals
July 21th 2010 Semi Finals
July 28th 2010 Final

Playing Plan

Group Stage

Group 1

Team GF GA GD Pts
RSD Jette C 0 0 0 0
FC Racing Molenbeek 0 0 0 0
crossing 0 0 0 0
RWDMolenbeek 0 0 0 0
SVV Red Star Brussels 0 0 0 0

Last 16

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