Baghdad Babylonians

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Baghdad Babylonians (1602380)
Flag of Al Iraq.PNG
managed by Bot
Full Name Baghdad Babylonians
Nickname The Babylonians
Founded 9 April 2006
Location Baghdad, Al Iraq
Arena Al Basrah Road
Coach Flag of Al Iraq.PNG Basim Kudri
League Al-Dawry Al-Momtaz
updated on: 15-02-2007

Baghdad Babylonians was a football club in Iraq. It was founded on 9 April 2006. The club was known as the bot owner of the famous Iraqi footballplayer Bob. The team was disbanded on 25 September 2007.

Honours and records[edit]

Iraq Super League

  • Runners-up: Season 1.

Famous (past) players[edit]

  • Al Iraq Shafiq Gerayev
  • Al Iraq Awad Mustafa
  • Al Iraq Hafiz Abu-Nasser
  • Al Iraq Nasser Tahrani

See also[edit]

  • Al Iraq, a country in Southwest Asia.
  • Bob, the second-ever player with the listing 'a beloved team member'.