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KpKing (934713)

HT-User: penink
Country: Chinese Taipei
Region: Tainan
Prize shelf: Division IV.PNG
Arena: Bamboo Garden
Fan club: Taipei Zoo
Club Site:

KpKing is a Taiwanese club playing in II.3. The club was founded on the 5th of April 2007.

Nowadays, their target is to fight to stay.

Club History

Global Season Taiwan Season My Season League Taiwan Cup Hattrick Masters Event
35 19 4 1st in III.7 6 round - auto-promotion
34 18 3 1st in IV.7 5 round - Promotion & Moved to Tainan
33 17 2 2nd in IV.7 5 round - -
32 16 1 2nd in IV.7 - - -

The Big Moment

  • Season 19 : Owning Ten Million US dollars in bank.
  • Season 18 : Win the very first league title of IV.7 and HT.
  • Season 17 : Should have won title this year.
  • Season 16 : Know unbelievable online-game HT and addicted to it immediately.

The Season Expectation

Taiwan Season Taiwan Cup League Financial(US dollar)
20 7 Fight to stay here Spend them all
19 6 Win the title and get the qualification Earn 10 million in bank
18 5 Win the title and get auto-promotion Earn 300 million
17 5 Win the champion if we can !! 200 thousand
16 - Learn how to play HT Through debt

The Player

Taiwan Season Best Forward Best Midfield Best Defender Best Youth
19 Faudel Tebache(92448717) Gildas Chevrel(60526096) Axel Solana(50754133) Wang Xingcai(203394480)
18 Fredrik Fredriksson(60001911) Hélder Florêncio(135490519) Jerzy Siedlarz(70642488) Song Enxian (185905309)
17 Arif Şen (146212309) Tobias Morgen (47045637) Sila Williamson (81569210) -

The Match

Taiwan Season Match ID Opponent Comment
19 159632370 Taiwan refueling It was the most important of the season since we unexpectedly lost previous match to Hemp power and this match will determine who is the winner of the year . We bravely took the bull by horn and won the match ,it was very close 2-3 .

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