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In Hattrick you can have a maximum debt of 500k. If after an economical update your balance is -500k or worse you will only be given the following 2 weeks to go back above 500k debt.

If after 2 weeks you haven't been able to reduce your debt to less than the permitted limit you will declared bankrupt and you will lose your team.

If you do manage to sort out the financial situation, you can continue to play as normal.

From an official Hattrick announcement:

25.08.2006 Bankruptcy change
The Hattrick Football Association (HFA) has had enough of supporting players in bankrupted teams.

- As of September 11, 2006 we will no longer pay salaries to players in teams that have gone bankrupt, HFA's spokesperson says.
- This will of course mean that those players will leave their bankrupted teams and quit playing football since their teams cannot pay their salaries; but we don't see any reason for continuing to take the economical damage for teams going bankrupt.

National team players will however not quit if their teams go bankrupt. HFA will make sure they get transfer listed.