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[[Image:|125px|Flag of Barbados]]
[[Image:|250px|Location of Barbados]]
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Zone: North America
Continent: North America
Season: 5
Number of teams (approx): 168 (active ~20)
Level of series: 3
Number of regions: 12
Top series name: Barbados Premier League
National cup name:
National coach: Wandy
U-20 Coach: Mario-Romagnoli
Currency BBD
100 BBD = 50 US$
Time zone Hattrick Time



None yet.


League champions

Season Team Name Manager Name
4 Holetown Surfers c_daniel
3 Jamestown Flying Fish Mario-Romagnoli
2 Jamestown Flying Fish Mario-Romagnoli
1 Saint Philip AFC (Bot) Unknown
0 Bridgetown Rovers (Bot) Unknown

Cup champions

Season Team Name Manager Name
5 Jamestown Flying Fish Mario-Romagnoli
4 Jamestown Flying Fish Mario-Romagnoli
3 Damians Pride rostrevor
2 Six Men Bay SamLord
1 Six Men Bay SamLord

National Teams

National Team Coaches

World Cup Manager
World Cup X Wandy
World Cup IX Devil_
World Cup VIII Devil_

U-20 Team Coaches

World Cup Manager
U-20 World Cup IX Mario-Romagnoli
U-20 World Cup VIII DrMaddog
U-20 World Cup VII DrMaddog

Regions of Barbados Barbados

Bridgetown | Christ Church | Saint Andrew | Saint George | Saint James | Saint John | Saint Joseph | Saint Lucy | Saint Michael | Saint Peter | Saint Philip | Saint Thomas

North America

Barbados | Canada | Costa Rica | Cuba | El Salvador | Guatemala | Honduras | Jamaica | México | Nicaragua | Panamá | Republica Dominicana | Trinidad & Tobago | USA