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Bastards AFC is a Canadian club and was founded 12-14-2003 by -omfg-. Currently in Canada's top division (All Canadian), the original team name was Fantastic Bastards FC.

'Bastards AFC' (107645)
Managed by -omfg-
Club information
Location[[Alberta]], {{country data Canada

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ArenaCastle Greyskull
Fan ClubFickle Bastards
 clubname = 
 Seasons in game  = Season 9-current
 image    = [[ ]]
 fullname = Bastards Athletic & Football Club
 nickname = FanBas, Bastards, Fantastic
 founded  = December 14, 2003
 ground   = Castle Greyskull, Edmonton, Canada
 capacity = 68,280
 manager = -omfg-
 coach  = Ksawery Dering
 league   = All Canadian


Division V

-omfg- began the team upon suggestion of his freind seafury manager of Maniacal Heathens. Like the Heathens, the team began by training playmaking, which along with the move to a 3-5-2 formation helped the team finish 3rd in division V.93 despite taking over a last place club. The club's second regular season match under -omfg-'s tactical control resulted in a tie against division leaders Strathmore Strikers, a result bettered later in the season with a 3-0 victory, which ensured that Xaviernites would win the league just 1 point better than Strathmore.

Despite the players not being particularly skillful by the teams current standard, many of the Bastards players would begin to become local favourites, with the likes of Kim Tranbo, Brad Valadez and Denny Wilson being brought back to the club later on in their careers with the advent of the Hall of Fame feature, for obvious reasons. Bastards have one of the most populated Hall of Fame's in all of HT Canada, with many more original or past team members still on the team waiting to be inducted.

The second season would prove to be a turnaround in the team's fortune, as they managed to make it to round 3 of the Canada Cup with a huge win against at the time division III team Titans, another Alberta club. -omfg- deployed a largely midfield based strategy, even employing a passable skill playmaker as an offensive central defender, with normal match orders. This was a massive scalp for a division V team at the time, but the run would end in the next round as the team was easily dispatched by All Canadian team Calgary Haze FC.

The league would prove to be an exciting season. After another tie with Strathmore Strikers, a week 5 fixture against Xaviernites became one of the most celebrated Bastards games ever; with the game almost lost at 3-1, Bastards were able to score two goals in the 82 and 86th minute to tie the game before Bastards captain Arturo Gomez managed to score in the 90th minute, winning at the death of the game. These matches would help ensure enough points had been gained on their rivals and allowed -omfg- to finish 1st, after less than 2 seasons in charge.

Divison IV.10

The team had accumalated enough points to auto-promote into division IV, and was put into the particularly difficult IV.10

Division V.214


Division IV.8

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Division III.3


Division II.1


All Canadian