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Beer Sheva (Hebrew: בְּאֶר שֶׁבַע, Standard Hebrew Bəʼer Šévaʻ, Tiberian Hebrew Bəʼer Šéḇaʻ or בְּאֶר שָׁבַע Bəʼer Šāḇaʻ; Arabic بِئْرْ اَلْسَبْعْ Biʼr as-Sabʻ) is a Hattrick region and a city in Israel with roughly 3,7 % users of HT-Israel.

Memorial Moments

Best Teams of Beer Sheva

  • Hapoel Beer-Sheva (Ligat Ha´al)
  • hapoel south (II.4)
  • Dodos (III.9)
  • Lord Ofir (III.13)
  • b.s yoyo's (III.2)
  • Hapoel Lamed (III.16)
  • bash (III.12)
  • nighberhood stars (III.12)
  • Magical Midgets F.C (III.15)
  • Goal-Diggers (III.8)

Regional federations

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