Belgian Freaks United

From Hattrick

Belgian Freaks United, was also known as BFU.

This federation contained much history, over 600 spam topics are closed there.

Started by Hotdof this fed was legendary in the early 2005 till early 2007.

Many famous Hattrick players have been members.

Threads 9, 10 and 11 Million were opened in the BFU.

The federation passed away.

At the end members included Brujas, narcotica, Queto, Essende, Taillieu, Buffaloke, Bart_The_Great, Timpie_007, Becqham,

ReMi-, De_Tuinman, Groom_Of_Destruction, Osangar, -merckx-, Rot-zak-ske, PatrickBrans,Skiwipie and -bossie-.