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Flag of Belgium Coat of Arms of Belgium
Location of Belgium
Link to Google map
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Zone: Western Europe
Continent: Europe
Season: 19
Number of teams (approx): 51880 (active ~40000)
Level of series: 9
Number of regions: 11
Top series name: Eerste Klasse
National cup name: Belgium Cup
National coach: BC-Ultra
U-20 Coach: Brujas
100 € = 100 US$
Time zone Hattrick Time
Due to an error, season 2 is in fact season 1, season 3 is season 2, etc. The current season is displayed as season 19, but it is season 18.


België is one of the biggest countries in Hattrick. The first season, which was called season two (because there was an error in season one that caused the league to be created without any teams in it) started on the first of January 2002. This happened after Pelotas, a user that formerly played in the USA, had asked for a seperate league to be created for Belgium.


Belgian staff

Former staff:

League champions

Due to an error, season 1 is called season 2, season 2 is called season 3, etc. This error is corrected in the following table.

Season Team Name Manager Name
16 FC Paars-groen-wit Speedy7
15 Larchuma Football Club Dragecq
14 Larchuma Football Club Dragecq
13 SC Brussels United BXLC-Xivan
12 Gratis Bier knds0
11 De inheemse struiktegels Quinten
10 FC Geftbuzze ZeroDenHero
9 De inheemse struiktegels Quinten
8 FC Geftbuzze ZeroDenHero
7 Koninklijke Heusden-Zolder[1] Splinter
6 FC Drummer Drummer
5 Nieuwmoer FC[2] -Pikey-
4 De inheemse struiktegels Quinten
3 FC Drummer Drummer
2 FC Nieuwmoer -Pikey-
1 Sporting Hainaut (Bot) Unknown

Cup champions

Due to an error, season 1 is called season 2, season 2 is called season 3, etc. This error is corrected in the following table.

Season Team Name Manager Name
18 Xanderstars Xanderdeli
17 homers Deef_
16 Xanderstars Xanderdeli
15 FC Soltermee Ljeperd
14 FC Booozzze CoachLoco
13 Deuzeld Sport Courer
12 Xanderstars Xanderdeli
11 FC Zakscharters nosecone
10 advoce1 -kalman-
9 Deuzeld Sport Courer
8 Berzerk Oostende VIKING-Peere
7 Poets and Madmen GM-commissar
6 Koninklijke Heusden-Zolder Splinter
5 FC Drummer Drummer
4 Malinois Stofkes77
3 Lokomotiv Veltem Pelotas
2 huuubs[3] huuub
1 FC Lubbeek Trikke

National Teams

National Team Coaches

World Cup Manager
World Cup X BC-Ultra
World Cup IX Dragecq, then: BC-optimax
World Cup VIII Captain-Moonsje
World Cup VII Captain-Moonsje
World Cup VI Captain-Moonsje
World Cup V Captain-Moonsje
World Cup IV Former user
World Cup III Former user
World Cup II Former user
World Cup I Former user

U-20 Team Coaches

World Cup Manager
U-20 World Cup IX Brujas
U-20 World Cup VIII Brujas
U-20 World Cup VII JoFramboos
U-20 World Cup VI BC-optimax
U-20 World Cup V BC-optimax
U-20 World Cup IV Former user
U-20 World Cup III Pelotas
U-20 World Cup II Pelotas
U-20 World Cup I Former user


  • BelRank - Statistics for all Belgian teams, including division IX.


  1. ^  Koninklijke Heusden-Zolder was renamed to Koninklijke Beringen Heusden-Zolder SK.
  2. ^  The team was renamed from FC Nieuwmoer to Nieuwmoer Football Club and finally to Nieuwmoer FC.
  3. ^  huuubs was renamed to Asgniegoespult Draf.

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