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Bergen Vikings is a team from Norway.

Bergen Vikings (1076526)
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Club information
Location Bergen Norge
Geographic areaEurope
StadiumBergen Stadium (28 000 seats)
Fan ClubSaltohatt
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The Beginning

Bergen Vikings was founded 23.07.2011 by Minien In the first season Bergen Vikings finished on sixth place in one of the best sixth division leagues in Norway. The next three seasons Bergen Vikings finished fifth place. The following season they finished fourth, but they was on fifth place again the next season.

Trying to promote

After so many bad seasons, Minien wanted to trying to promote. They ended at fourth place that season, but then they finsished third the next season. The season after that they ended on a second place, but then they finished fifth the following season.


Because of the bad results the season before, and that they had never won the league in nine seasons, Minien wanted to re-build Bergen Vikings. He sold all the good players and buyed 隆雄 (Takao) 森田 (Morita), Omar Fatih and Riaz Sharif. He wanted to train them for many seasons. Bergen Vikings moved to a weak sixth division. The coach Iker Barrueso wanted to play a match against Diddebæssssssj, and he was in the starting lineup as a defender. He even scored after just two minutes, but after 33. minutes someones kicked his knee, and he was injured. It was expected that the injury was for just one week, but then after one week the injury was for four weeks, and it just stayed at four weeks, so assistant Jan Andersen was coach for Bergen Vikings the rest matches that season. Iker Barrueso sayed that he will not be coach for Bergen Vikings, and Minien then decided that Tarek Siblini was going be coach for the team the next season. Anyway Bergen Vikings won all their matches and promoted for the first time in ten seasons.

Fifth division

Bergen Vikings lost their first match in fifth division 2-5 home to Enebakk, but they took some points in the next match and was on third place with just a few rounds left, but lost the last matches and finished in sixth position, three points behind third place and eight points ahead of seventh place. In the qualification they won 5-1 home to TomOli. Vikings almost got bankrupt in the end of season 47, so they had to sell their big japanese star.


No. Position Player
2 Ghana MF Mohammed Chinebuah
3 France DF Ludovic Marcellin
4 Italia DF Tiziano Matteotti
5 Nederland DF Allard Arends
6 Norge MF Øystein Sanden
7 Al Kuwayt DF Osman El-Faysal
8 Nippon FW 隆雄 (Takao) 森田 (Morita)
9 Hellas MF Ploutonas Chatzifotiou
10 Al Iraq FW Omar Fatih
11 Deutschland MF Ferdinand Kollmayer
13 Polska GK Gordon Zawadowicz
14 England MF Leonard Batham
No. Position Player
17 Norge FW David Henriksen
19 Norge FW Bjørn Janbu
20 España W Tomás Jounou
21 China W 方 (Fang) 泉宾 (Quanbin)
22 Norge DF Ole Slåtta
24 Deutschland MF Hermann Treinen
25 England MF Ian Gallego
27 Norge FW Gunnar Frøseth
29 Norge FW Ola Stavrum
33 Nederland MF Aart Hekelaar
34 România DF Marius-Ioan Antonaş
35 Al Iraq DF Tarek Siblini
No. Position Player
48 Norge MF Steinar Waaler
70 Misr FW Galal El Saadany
87 Norge GK Knut Bentsen
99 Nigeria FW Joseph Waffi

Player of the Year

Season Player
51 TürkiyeKültügin Topal
52 PortugalIsmael Montenegro
53 HellasPloutonas Chatzifotiou
54 HellasPloutonas Chatzifotiou
55 Nippon隆雄 (Takao) 森田 (Morita)
56 Al IraqOmar Fatih