Black Friday

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Black Friday in Hattrick is not tied to shopping and sales at all, but to the worst downtime of the game history, which lasted 28 long hours.


On Friday November 28, 2003 the site was down due to consecutive crashes of the hard disk cabinet containing the main database. Week end league macth were not played real time. Team who did not have time to set match orders lose the game, in some case also training for that week.


The Hattrick Team eventually were forced to do what had never been done in six years of operations: roll back the time of the Hattrick Universe to a backup taken previous morning.


The crashes of the hard disk were two. Further similar crash in December 2003 made Hattrick change hard disk manufacturer from Dell to Hitachi. Even though Dell initally denied the existence of a problem, they later confirmed it and corrected the bug in February 2004.

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