Bob Sunesson

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Bob Sunesson (773204) ----> Completa.png

38 years, formidable form, healthy

I speak Svenska!

A beloved team member who is calm and dishonest.

Has poor experience and poor leadership abilities.

Nationality: Sverige

Total Skill Index (TSI): 0

Wage: 10 000 Lei/week

Owner: Tjecko-85

Warnings: 1

Injuries: Healthy

Career Goals: 8

Career Hattricks: 0

League goals this season: 0

Cup goals this season: 1

Bob Sunesson is both a player and an easter-egg. Bob was a youth pull made by HT-Tjecken at a Hattrick party. The fact that he was pulled as a goalkeeper but still had winger as his best skill in combination with his somewhat silly name triggered a lot of jokes about him. The jokes continued and Bob slowly developed into a cult hero among some members of the Hattrick Team.

When player faces were implemented in the game Bob was tweaked into an easter-egg, with changing faces. At this point he was also made [[a beloved teammember]. Presently Bob is the only such in the game. His does not give his team any benefits though, since his leadership is too low.