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Bob Sunesson (773204) (23.01.2001 - 1 April 2006), a legendary nice guy in the HT-world ----> Completa.png

38 years, inadequate form, healthy

I speak Svenska!

A beloved team member who is calm and dishonest.

Has poor experience and poor leadership abilities.

Nationality: Sverige

Total Skill Index (TSI): 0

Owner: Tjecko-85

Career Goals: 8

Career Hattricks: 1 (on his last game)

Bob quit April 1, 2006

Bob Sunesson is both a player and an easter-egg. Bob was a youth pull made by HT-Tjecken at a Hattrick party. The fact that he was pulled as a goalkeeper but still had winger as his best skill in combination with his somewhat silly name triggered a lot of jokes about him. The jokes continued and Bob slowly developed into a cult hero among some members of the Hattrick Team.

When player faces were implemented in the game Bob was tweaked into an easter-egg, with changing faces. At this point he was also made a beloved team member. Before his retirement, Bob was the only such player in the game. Although his agreeability did not give his team any benefits since his leadership was too low, if his owner had decided to get rid of all players with poor leadership and above, then Bob would have become the best team leader throughout the entire game!

On April 1st, 2006, Bob retired from Hattrick. His retirement message goes like this: "Bob was last seen surrounded by beautiful photo models with a cocktail drink in his hand. His legendary days in Hattrick will always be remembered."

Currently it is unclear as to whether Bob will return in a "second coming," and if so, when he will return

However there is a player created 4/10/2006 on a bot team (Baghdad Babylonians in Al Iraq I.1) who is eerily reminiscent of the beloved Bob Sunesson. The new player's name is simply "Bob" (109567443). He is the second-ever player with the listing 'a beloved team member', and the only-ever confirmed with 'excellent' leadership. (A HT team member sometime during 2005 admitted in a post on a Global forum that there has already been at least one excellent leadership player in the playerbase, after a long search for this player among the latest made ones the HT finally gave away the id of the player, which was fired. A GM later pasted a screenshot of that fired coach showing excellent leadership.)