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Borderliners (33701)
Managed by Borderliner
Club information
LocationPhuket Prathet Thai
ArenaDiamonds and Pearls
Fan ClubBordies Maenads

Borderliners is a Thai club playing in Thailand League.

Club History

26-02-2004 The club changed owner as Chalong took control and renamed it Phuket Pandas. The name Phuket Pandas was chosen because the owner (living in Chalong, Phuket) just returned from a holiday to Chiang Mai where he and his wife (often featured in the team logo) visited the zoo over there, to see the great Pandas. However there are no Pandas in Phuket and the team did not do anything at all in the league apart from relegating.

Phuket Pandas finished as number 7 in IV.11 season 10

A change of name should help: Phuket Pandas bacame White elephant. Well, the White Elephant did OK, but the first title only meant promotion to one of the strongest div IV at the time.

White Elephant finished as number 1 in V.61 season 11

Indeed the owner did suffer a lot so another namechange was in order: White Elephant turned into Multatuli. As expected another sad season but at least it looked like the manager was beginning to understand something of the game. Reading the rules was probably not a bad idea after all.

Multatuli finished as number 6 in IV.48 season 12

With all that new knowledge and the intention to start playing hard the teamname was changed from the ever suffering Multatuli into the more forceful Acrimon F.C.

Acrimon F.C. finished as number 1 in V.204 season 13 A second trophy emerged but the manager decided that being acrimonious is not really the way to go. Too many cards and injuries. Not having many supporters made the decision to change the teamname once again an easy one: Borderliners.

The manager changed his username from Chalong to Borderliner to show that he indeed was a full fledged Borderliner himself.

Borderliners finished as number 1 in IV.49 season 14

Borderliners finished as number 7 in III.7 season 15

Borderliners finished as number 2 in IV.33 season 16

And then it really started. Four titles nn four seasons:

Borderliners finished as number 1 in IV.33 season 17

Borderliners finished as number 1 in III.6 season 18

Highest rating: 325 hatstats.

Borderliners finished as number 1 in II.1 season 19

Became the first team starting in 2004 to reach the Thailand League.

Borderliners finished as number 1 in Thailand League season 20

Borderliners' highest rating was reached (01-07-2007 (League):Final Fantasy - Borderliners that season: 410 hatstats. This was a new Thai record. The old record was set by the legendary Master Q with 403 hatstats.

This season also gave a new record best match ever in Thailand: 17.06.2007, Round 12 League: I.1 Rating total 757 Master Q - Borderliners

Apart from league play the Borderliners also like to travel around in the Hattrick world. 111 Hattrick nations have been visited so far.

It looks doubtful many more will be added.

Things were great. It was fun.

Club Honours

  • Division V.PNG Series Champion V.61 season 11
  • Division V.PNG Series Champion V.204 season 13
  • Division IV.PNG Series Champion IV.49 season 14
  • Division IV.PNG Series Champion IV.33 season 17
  • Division III.PNG Series Champion III.6 season 18
  • Division II.PNG Series Champion II.1 season 19
  • Division I.PNG Series Champions Thailand League season 20 - national champion season 20