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||Founded || 26 June 2007
||Founded || 26 June 2007
|- style="background: #ffffff;"
|- style="background: #ffffff;"
|Ground || Krasnaya Iskra <br> [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Borovichi Borovichi], [[Novgorod]], [[Rossiya]] <br> (Capacity: 24,000)
|Ground || Krasnaya Iskra <br> [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Borovichi Borovichi], [[Novgorod]], [[Rossiya]] <br> (Capacity: 50,000)
|- style="background: #ffffff;"
|- style="background: #ffffff;"
|President || {{Flagicon|RUS}} [[User:Roman_aka_ID|Serebrov]]
|President || {{Flagicon|RUS}} [[User:Roman_aka_ID|Serebrov]]

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Founded 26 June 2007
Ground Krasnaya Iskra
Borovichi, Novgorod, Rossiya
(Capacity: 50,000)
President Rossiya Serebrov
Coach Sverige Milan Boskovic
League V.136
Season 31 V.136, 2nd
Website Official blog

Borovichi is Russian football club from Novgorod, currently playing in league V.136.


Main article: Borovichi / Trophies and awards


Season League Russian Cup Trophies Friendly tournaments Friendly trophies
20 1st in VI.134 P1 brown-new.gif
21 8th in V.254 2nd round none – Landskron Pokal – International (II)
22 1st in VI.676 1st round P1 brown-new.gif Goldenboot VI.gif Wine-Island-Cup (V), HIMIK-CUP (I)
23 1st in VI.676 2nd round P1 brown-new.gif Goldenboot VI.gif
24 4th in V.125 2nd round none AHWC V, Landskrona Cupen, Borovichi Jubilee Cup Rank1.jpg Rank1.jpg
25 5th in V.125 3rd round none Lomonosov Cup, Mandarin Trophy Rank1.jpg Rank1.jpg
26 6th in V.125 1st round none Borovichi Town Cup Rank2.jpg
27 8th in V.125 3rd round none
28 1st in VI.173 2nd round Division VI.PNG Goldenboot VI.gif HIMIK-CUP (VI), Krasnaya Iskra Cup (I) Rank3.jpg Rank2.jpg
29 4th in V.136 3rd round none HIMIK-CUP (VII)
30 4th in V.136 4th round none Yabbo Cup II
31 2nd in V.136 3rd round Goldenboot V.gif Copa Internacional Arequipa (VI), COUPE DE MONTPELLIER (I) Rank1.jpg
32 1st in V.136 4th round Division V.PNG Supercopa del Príncipe (X)

Chronological list of trophies won

20 (32): VI.134 Championship (manager E. Nenilin)
22 (34): VI.676 Championship (manager F. Thurre)
23 (35): VI.676 Championship (manager F. Thurre)
24 (36): Landskrona Cupen (manager F. Thurre)
24 (36): Borovichi Jubilee Cup (manager F. Thurre)
25 (37): Lomonosov Cup (manager M. Boskovic)
25 (37): Mandarin Trophy (manager M. Boskovic)
28 (40): VI.173 Championship (manager M. Boskovic)
31 (43): COUPE DE MONTPELLIER (manager M. Boskovic)
32 (44): V.136 Championship (manager M. Boskovic)

Honours for players

22 (34): VI.676 Top Scorer: Rossiya Fedor Pokudin (9 goals)
23 (35): VI.676 Top Scorer: Sverige Milan Boscovic (15 goals)
28 (40): VI.173 Top Scorer: Sverige Göran Månstedt (17 goals)
31 (43): V.136 Top Scorer: España Jorge Manso del Toro (18 goals)


Main article: Borovichi / Records and statistics


Krasnaya Iskra is the arena of Borovichi. It has a total capacity of 50 000.

  • Total capacity: 50 000
  • Terraces: 30 000
  • Basic seating: 12 000
  • Seats under roof: 7 000
  • Seats in VIP boxes: 1 000


Information correct as of 11 December 2010.

International Matches

This team has visited the following leagues for international training matches:

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España Manso del Toro • España Alcalde (c)
Coach: Sverige Boscovic

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