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A team without an owner. Either the owner has left the team, or the team is still waiting for it's first owner. These teams field players in a completely random fashion making them very weak, so they will relegate down the divisions and the team can get a new owner. In the bottom two divisions, teams will be replaced as soon as a replacement owner becomes available. In some leagues this is almsot immediate, whilst in other countries, it can take several weeks.

Note that Bot-teams are intruduced next season. At the moment these ownerless teams don't field players at all, so they lose every game with a Walk Over (5-0). This is the My Hattrick message about this change:

  • 14-11-2005 Walk-over teams to become Bots

Currently, teams that have become ownerless have had their lineup reset (after week 7, 14 and 16 each season), causing walk-overs for the rest of the season.

Next season, this will change: Instead of having their lineup reset, they will get a brand new set of players and these new players will randomly form a "bot" lineup, so these teams become essentially the same as the existing "bot" teams. All the old players will remain in the squad though, available for NT coaches just as they are today until a new owner takes over, although they will not play any matches. These teams will thus be very bad, but they will put up some kind of fight at least, and the match will be played.

Also, all existing ownerless teams that have previously had their lineup reset, will get a new "bot squad" in time for next season.

These teams will continue to play the last formation set by the human owner

In the higher divisions if a team becomes ownerless (deserted by its human user) it will continue to use the standard lineup until this lineup is reset automatically. Such a reset is made 3 times each season: Before the mid-week games of Week 1 (the first cup game), Week 8 (mid-season), and Week 15 (the qualifying games). When the reset is made, the team will become a bot team, playing all games with the same (low skilled) players. Ownerless teams will thus be relegated through each series until they reach one of the two lowest divisions, where they can get a new owner. Lineup resets only apply to teams that have lost their owner, not to teams that never had one.

For a fuller discussion. see bot