Brian Baxendale

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Bought by: Mounties United
Season 3, Week 11

Current Status: Head Manager of Mounties United
National Caps: 10


Brian Baxendale was bought by the Mounties United on the eleventh week of Season 3 as the star player from the 'guelph apocalipse' (the first team of Canada community leader Brandon_Elmes). He Immediately made an impact on the wing and in the early years of HT-Canada was held as one of the best offensive wingers. He was selected in Team Canada for the second World Cup in Argentina, although he played 10 preparative matches, he didn't get the chance to play WC matches. Thereafter he was removed from the Selection, and kept playing for the Mounties United. He helped the team getting into the All Canadian and reach a 3rd Position in season 5. At the end of Season 8, after banishment of Mounties United from the league, Brian Baxendale retired from professional football.

Personal Life

No player has made such an impact on HT-Canada as Baxendale, and in such a short span of time. Coming out of the blue, Baxendale nearly forced himself into the National Team. His involvement in the Football community was huge, organizing afterhour parties and Galas was his hobby - Quickly he became an Icon in HT-Canada both for his instant success and for his undebatable title of 'Seductor'. Some argue that it would all have spawned from that 3-3 draw of Mounties United against Edmonton Vikings in Season 5, where Baxendale would have openly boasted about having 'affairs' with Herman Ife's wife - the statements were never confirmed, however it brought a lot of coverage for Baxendale. In that same season, as the Mounties United had promoted to the All Canadian, Baxendale founded BaxenLooks to gain utter respect from his fans (aka Baxenholics). After the banishment of Mounties United, to which he openly spoke against, he focused full-time on BaxenLooks. At the dawn of Season 12, Brian Baxendale renewed the contract of Mounties United in the Canadian League and became Head Manager of the Club - promising success and parties. In Season 14, after a brutal exit from professional football, Fabio Salvatore was promoted to Co-Manager within BaxenLooks along with Brian. As days go by, Brian Baxendale slowly fades into the background of an ever-growing Canadian scene, but no Canadian is ignorant to the name of one Shining star who shaped HT-Canada.