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This page is used together with the Ideas, Approved ideas and the Rejected ideas pages. When editing, please make sure that the contents of these pages match each other.

The purpose of this page is to provide the list of what might constitute a bug in a game for the Hattrick team to correct.

If something you believe is obviously wrong, please post it here.

Do not list bugs that can be abused by other managers -- these should be mailed to your local GMs instead!

Guestbook message numbers

The message numbers in the 'Guestbook section' are off.

For example, a guestbook containing 98 messages (as of 25.09.2005) has the following pager part:

Next 10

98-78 78-58 58-38 38-18 18-1

It's obvious that the step used is 20 and not 10. Also this should normally read 98-79 78-59 or 98-89, 88-79 etc. -- not the way it is done on the guestbook page.

Also, on the first page shown are the messages from #98 down to #89, i.e. the last 10 messages. Clicking on the '98-78' link lists them again, instead of the 21 message indicated here. After that the step is 20: clicking on the 78-58 link, for example, lists the messages from #79 to #59.

Team spirit loss due to transfers

It seems that when you buy or sell a player and that adversely affects your team spirit, sometimes there is a message printed under 'The Club' menu but no visible team spirit changes happen, and sometimes vice versa (i.e. the team spirit drops but there is no message). This might be related to a possible bug in the part of the script that chooses to print the message or not depending on whether the rounded team spirit value changed.

It is worth noting, however, that team spirit has subslevels, so this may not be a bug.

Sneak-peek ignores blocklist

If a message from a blocked user appears in a thread displayed by the 'Sneak-peek' function, that message's contents would be displayed.

Character counter in edit boxes

When typing press announcements, guestbook messages or HT mails, the number of characters is limited, but the counter indicating the number of characters left is a little off sometimes. This may result in the loss of the last couple of character of your message. One possible reason for this is that the character counter might not be handling CR/LF character pairs properly.

High confidence values never show

The denominations for confidence include slightly exaggerated, completely exaggerated and extremely exaggerated which hint at possible overconfidence. However, the highest confidence listed on the training page is wonderful. It is unclear whether this is due to a presentation bug, or these values are unreachable with the current game engine, or they can only be reached during matchtime, when team confidence is not shown.

Number of allowed challenges is 1 off

The rules state that you can only have 25 active challenges at a time, but you are actually allowed to have 26.

Challenges misspelled in page name

It's challanges.asp. Just a misspell, I know.

Last club money is paid to the teams that change owners

When a player is sold that has played some games in his previous owner team, then that team is entitled to a certain small % of his sale price. If the previous owner team (referred to as the "last owner" in the rules) has changed owners since then, the money will go to the new owner, which sometimes amounts for a lot of cash for a most likely starting team.

Teams with 2+ top scorers get 2+ top scorer bonus messages

If two or more players are tied for the top scorer award in a series, and they both belong to the same team, that team receives one message saying "You receive the top scorer bonus" for each player, thus seemingly awarding that bonus more than once. However, the bonus is actually paid once, as it should according to the rules.