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Burnley UNITED (54165)
Managed by SmiTT
Club information
LocationLancashire England
ArenaTurf Moor
Fan ClubSuicide Squad

This Season

date Type Opponent Result Fair result?
05/12/2006 Cup Blearsys Babes W 0-8 Yes
10/12/2006 League Colchester United F.C L 3-5 Yes
12/12/2006 Cup Ayberdeen ----- ---
17/12/2006 League steve's army ----- ---

Week 1

  • Conny Stjärnér injured expected out for 4 weeks
  • Signed Darren Haniotis on a short term deal as cover with a view to a possible extension
  • First week of the season didnt go to plan however on analysis of the match the result is fair

Club History

Founded 01/01/2002 when manager SmiTT took over.
The club originally called Claret Army was renamed on 18/08/2002 to Burnley United as they are known today.

Was in V.14 for 7 season before achieving promotion as the most dominant Team in V in season 21.
Relgated From IV.1 in the first season.
Promoted a second time from level 5 V.35.
Survived 5 season in IV.38 but failed to make themselves a solid force in the league.
Level 5 again... a league title again V.255.
and now to the present day after another relegation in season 30 from IV.53

Club Honours

  • Series Champions V.14 season 21
  • NWEF (North West England Federation) Cup Champions season 21
  • Series Champions V.35 season 23
  • Series Champions V.255 season 29

English Cup Best

Round 9 in:

  • season 28

The Team

Star Keeper EnglandEddie Douglas A hopeful future England star

One of the best keepers of his age however currently going through a bad form stage makes it hard to believe

Being trained by An Excel/Solid coach that was converted specially for douglas in an attempt to make him the George Carey Number 2

Nationality  England
Position goalkeeper
Club Burnley UNITED
Former Clubs Priceys Stars Jr, Arenas del Medi
ID 66234921
Flag Player Flag Player
Sweden Muddaththir ibnal-A`rabi Sweden Mikael Sunesson
Mexico Víctor Majarón Portugal Gustavo Aguiar
Brazil Tiago Agreste Sweden Anders Sedlind
Sweden Conny Stjärnér Sweden Maximilian Granlius
Spain Sergio Borreguero Germany Kilian Gschneidner
Belgium Yohan Bompard Poland Emil Jagieła
Poland Piotr Matera Hungary István Bencsik
Argentina Leonardo Candil England Darren Haniotis

The Smiths Wales Matthew Smith Netherlands Matthijs Smit England Matt Smith England Matt Smith Oceania Matt Smith England Mathew Smith England Matt Smith


  • Friend of Craig's in Craig Wozniak/George Carey Federation
  • Member in NetGamers Federation
  • Silver Member in North West England Federation NWEF
  • Founder Member in Burnley Supporters Federation
  • Moderate Achiever in Achievement Seeker Federation