C.A. Vizcardo

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C.A. Vizcardo is a team located in Lima, Peru. It was founded in march 15, 2003. The president is Icaro. First official game was played with vv Veenhuisen and was lose with a 4-3.

Current Team


Flag Coach
Template:Flag/SWE Haklan Kangland


Flag Player Flag Player
Template:Flag/PER Cirilo Casaretto Template:Flag/IND Dron Khanolkar
Template:Flag/PER Elector Narvarte Template:Flag/PER Gabriel Morales
Template:Flag/PER Gaston Bermudez Template:Flag/PER Gaston Carahuanco
Template:Flag/PER Juan Antonio Huaman Template:Flag/PER Manuel Guizado
Template:Flag/CRO Martin Vizintin Template:Flag/PER Nelson Julian Eche
Template:Flag/ISR Oren Burg Template:Flag/PER Pablo Botteri
Template:Flag/PER Pablo Leguia Template:Flag/PER Renato Centeno
Template:Flag/PER Rivelino Angulo Template:Flag/PER Ruperto Santos
Template:Flag/ITA Sabatino Pagnini Template:Flag/ISR Sason Markovich
Template:Flag/SWE Tom Ohlkvist Template:Flag/SIN Yap An Hui